Cigar smoke


Cigar smoke

by Hugo Ramos

Her absence once
closed up flowers & upset
my afternoons.

To compliment the madness
that throbbed across the surface
of my temples, I’d weep;

a shoeful of tears over her.

The moon, in its full mustache
and baritone voice,
consoled me
by pouring light into the holes
of my drooping soul.

The prominent space
she once occupied…has wrinkled,
and I’ve awakened
without any of her imprints

pressed inside of me anymore.

Tonight, I blow cigar smoke
at the moon
to celebrate the glory
I found inside this solitude.


“Burning cigar” by paradigmnix on DeviantArt


23 Responses to “Cigar smoke”

  1. Olivia Says:

    This one’s pretty dark n deep Blaga Smokes!
    I would say an appropriate pick..

    Loved it as much as I love yours.. many Hugs xox

  2. Ed Williams Says:

    Wow. What an incredibly visual tribute to one gone!

  3. Blossom Dreams Says:

    I especially love the last stanza “Tonight, I blow cigar smoke
    at the moon to celebrate the glory I found inside this solitude.”

    A good choice to share! :D Thanks! xx

  4. souldipper Says:

    Blaga – have you considered that perhaps someone already has written a poem like this about you? Let’s live as though they have! :D

  5. Paula Tohline Calhoun Says:

    I’m with Souldipper on this one! Who’s to know what has been inspired by us? We might never know, so just pretend. Every time I hear Billy Joel sing “Always a Woman” I pretend it’s about me. Which is sort of funny, because I’m not entirely certain I like the woman he’s singing about, but there’s something about her strength, and the way he sings the song, that appeals to me. Here are the lyrics:

    She can kill with a smile
    She can wound with her eyes
    She can ruin your faith with her casual lies
    And she only reveals what she wants you to see
    She hides like a child,
    But she’s always a woman to me

    She can lead you to love
    She can take you or leave you
    She can ask for the truth
    But she’ll never believe you
    And she’ll take what you give her, as long as it’s free
    Yeah, she steals like a thief
    But she’s always a woman to me

    Oh–she takes care of herself
    She can wait if she wants
    She’s ahead of her time
    Oh–and she never gives out
    And she never gives in
    She just changes her mind

    And she’ll promise you more
    Than the Garden of Eden
    Then she’ll carelessly cut you
    And laugh while you’re bleedin’
    But she’ll bring out the best
    And the worst you can be
    Blame it all on yourself
    Cause she’s always a woman to me


    Oh–she takes care of herself
    She can wait if she wants
    She’s ahead of her time
    Oh–and she never gives out
    And she never gives in
    She just changes her mind

    She is frequently kind
    And she’s suddenly cruel
    She can do as she pleases
    She’s nobody’s fool
    And she can’t be convicted
    She’s earned her degree
    And the most she will do
    Is throw shadows at you
    But she’s always a woman to me

  6. dragonkatet Says:

    Ah, this was romantic. *sigh* I agree, Blaga. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a man care about you enough to compose this kind of magic? This is the first time I think I have *ever* read of the moon referred to in the male gender! I mean, I know there’s the “Man in the Moon” and stuff, but in poetry, it seems like most of the time, the moon is a female. Thanks so much for posting this! :)


    So full of emotions–who knew men are capable of such fine expressions- a poem that leaves you wondering and one that deserved to be shared.Thanks Blaga

  8. liv2write2day Says:

    Hugo’s poem is beautiful and so are you, dear Blaga.

  9. Jamie Dedes Says:

    What a fine poem. Kudos to Hugo for writing it and to you for re-blogging it and for the intro to Hugo.

    I can certainly understand the affinity and the desire … But poems, dearest Blaga, come in all guises. Sometime they are dinner prepared just for you, or the gift of flowers, sometimes a hug, sometimes a day created especially for you … And also Amy does indeed have a point. And ditto Victoria.

    YOU are a beautiful poem …


    • Jamie Dedes Says:

      Forgot to hit the “like” button before; but, you know I like everything I find here and keep coming back for more and more.

    • Broken Sparkles Says:

      You are sweet as always Jamie. :) You comment made me smile … I guess I just wished to have something I haven’t had … I had the dinners, the gifts, the flowers … but not a poem :) Anyway … who knows Amy might be right :)?

      And thanks for coming back again! For appreciating my posts and encouraging me!

  10. Cherlyn Says:

    Holy smokes! That was a great poem, thank you for sharing it with us! I definitely got chills. Freaky!

  11. vampireweather Says:

    MMMMmmmmm very vivid descriptiveness that sparks my thoughts. It makes me want to write a graphic novel. :) Thanks for sharing!

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