I’ve been here before, haven’t I?

With my bare feet burning in snow,
carelessly holding spike of sorrow,
assembling directions out of another lost trial
but do I remember the exit and which road to follow?

Do I hope to break free, to rescue the moral left in me?
Blind, deaf and senseless is there a chance to borrow?

Love only? How did my heart let it be enough?
Old matches? How did I let them turn into fire?
And that letter with scribbles in Arabic that
you thought I won’t be able to read … Damn it!

Once again I will change my relationship status from
“happily in love” to “still in love, but torn by doubt”.

Once again, I will watch regret marching next to me,
I will let disappointment to teach me what grief is,
to accept it and count the tears as dear lessons,
once again, I will turn every wrong desire away.


“Regret” by YourForgiveness on


© 2011  Broken Sparkles


32 Responses to “Regret”

  1. S Night Says:

    Amazing work, Blaga!

  2. JL Dodge Says:

    Hey Blagga
    This is so good it chilled my bones… very good !!
    Happy Rally !

  3. Jamie Dedes Says:

    The icy truth. Sharp-eyed and skeptical. Unfortunate story. Fortunately poemed by you. Fine work, Blaga.

    Isn’t that you’re mom’s photograph? Such an attractive lady and has the look of someone with an acute mind.

  4. Jingle Says:

    I write a piece about dying relation today.

    you deserve love.
    stay upbeat.

  5. dragonkatet Says:

    Very, very well expressed. Life is too short for regrets, in my opinion. And yet, I think we all still manage to find them, somehow. Those missed opportunities and later when we wonder, “what if?”. It takes a will of steel to always adhere to our morals. Temptations continue throughout life. The lines “Once again I will change my relationship status from
    “happily in love” to “still in love, but torn by doubt”.” are the most powerful lines in this piece, I think. They kind of wrap up everything else about it. I hope you won’t let the tears teach you for too long, my friend. The lessons will either ‘stick’ or they won’t. Life continues and so must we all. :)

  6. Becca Givens Says:

    Amazing – again, Blaga – you never disappoint me!!!

    “… assembling directions out of another lost trial
    but do I remember the exit and which road to follow?”

    Lessons we have to learn … stepping stones to true happiness …

  7. deadpoet88 Says:

    Wow, I don’t think I could write a poem on regret any better than this. Very powerful poetry you’ve got here girl.

    “Once again I will change my relationship status from
    “happily in love” to “still in love, but torn by doubt”.”

    Somehow really jumped out at me, for I know what that feeling is…very powerful lines.

  8. Julian Javier the Cyber Mushroom Says:

    so dramatic. so sad. i almost broke a tear there. lovely poem of regret.

  9. Chimnese Says:

    Blaga again another beautiful tale……

  10. K. McGee Says:

    Regrets! Oh how they can teach or tear you apart. You’ve captured this so well. A very powerful and moving piece.

  11. PinkLady Says:

    these are all powerful, emotional lines indeed… each pain we experience makes us stronger and wiser. so beautifully written!

  12. liv2write2day Says:

    This just “sparkles” with the pain of uncertainty in a relationship. Love the way you use the Facebook relationship status. So effective.


    You captured the uncertainty ,the doubts and the fears all too well! and touch many raw strings on the way! Masterful write .
    Thank you for your good wishes too!

  14. souldipper Says:

    You have described a feeling that has been familiar. I’ve not always correctly placed the balance between when to expect and when not to!

  15. ladynimue Says:

    Your words so echo my thoughts .. Almost an extension to what I wrote in 55 fiction last night .. or so i think .. touching !

  16. Isabel Says:

    wonderful poem. great description on regret.

  17. Andy Says:

    Very powerful.
    This line speaks volumes, ““still in love, but torn by doubt”.
    Excellent piece.

  18. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Happy Weekend! Thanks for your visits. :-)

  19. seabell Says:

    Your words are so sincere, so sorrowful… That transparency is just wonderful!

  20. Olivia Says:

    Lady.. you blew me away!

    “once again, I will turn every wrong desire away..”

    I sincerely wish everything to work out as you may be wanting things to! I have fallen in love with my solitude.

    Many Hugs xox

  21. booguloo Says:

    Striving to learn sometimes gives us consequences we don’t want to face. Leaning early does have it’s advantages though.

  22. plaridel Says:

    when in doubt, follow your heart.

  23. Amropali Says:

    Decisions and their implications. Sometimes it is too scary to be able to just decide and be comfortable with it. the ‘what if’s’ haunt you.and sometimes regret follows.

  24. The Reason You Come Says:

    I think this used to be my song. The words are exquisite, but the pain is not. I hope this is fiction.

  25. Judy Roney Says:

    Just beautiful! “Count the tears as dear lessons” is a lesson in itself.

  26. Tom Baker Says:

    Brilliant! What a heavy heart to have to carry around.

  27. Rainbow Dream | Tasithoughts's Weblog Says:

    […] I would like to nominate Blaga for the Perfect Poet Award. Please visit her website and read her poetry here. […]

  28. Blossom Dreams Says:

    I especially love these words “With my bare feet burning in snow” – awesome! xx

  29. Kavita Says:

    A masterpiece this is, summer gal… truly, one of your best I have ever read!
    I am sorry I couldn’t read this any earlier.. I guess my laziness got the better of me.. duhh…
    But I just COULD NOT pass up your poems for that darned laziness…could I now?!

    Oh.. and I sincerely HOPE that this is pure fiction… whhheww!! PLEASE tell me it is…

  30. Paul Says:

    Trying to pick out a piece I like best, but I really just like the whole thing. All very well done!

  31. Cherlyn Says:

    Sorry for the extremely late comment, but I told you, I’d eventually get to your amazing posts.

    This poem really captured the feelings of regret, pain, betrayal – it is utterly sad, and I hope by now you don’t feel like this!!

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