As soon as I crossed the border of his private space, Coraline made sure that I noticed how the territory was marked. Grand speech of sort how well she knows where his strength is, accidentally sharing details of their intimate life, letting few secrets to slip away and to humiliate my dignity in a way that I should register the fact, I have no place here.

What Coraline didn’t know was that I was here, the day before yesterday, holding the beauty only a promise for togetherness can contain. She didn’t know that this was my last visit, to pay respect and to collect something I forgot before I found out how any castle in the air can be swept away by the slightest change of seasons. I came back to take that part of my heart where I still had a message from Fate about the cherry dreams I was looking for.

I wanted to tell Coraline that it doesn’t matter if the color of her toe nails is a perfect match with the color of her sandals, because the time of the ugly, gray boots will eventually come again and the lilac toe nails will disappear under the cotton wool socks. I wanted to tell her that there is no place on Earth with 365 days of summer, because if there was, I would’ve been there first.

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© 2011  Broken Sparkles

24 Responses to “Coraline”

  1. Artswebshow Says:

    What an excellent story/statement.
    365 days of summer? that would be a nightmare. lol

  2. Dragon Ka-Tet Says:

    Ooooo, such pointed words! Women can be so catty, can’t they? Although I’ve never been the ‘other woman’, I can only imagine the sense of superiority they must sometimes have, knowing the secret shared with the catty woman’s man…I liked the last few sentences – they sum up the rest of it quite nicely.

    • Broken Sparkles Says:

      Sometimes women misinterpret things and situations, I’ve made huge effort over the years to adopt different attitude when it comes to situations like this, when it comes to men and to never be on Coraline’s place … because on the end of the day no matter how protective you are and how much showy you can appear, if someone is meant to leave, he will …

      Thanks for you visit!

  3. Life: Between the lines Says:

    This is a sordid tale but what comes to mind is not cattiness however but unkindness, disrespect. You see, everyone has dreams and it is so hard when you are living your dream, doing the tango with his eyes on you, your hands in his to have someone else cut in or roaming around with love and longing in their eyes trying to tear your happiness apart. I think it is instinctual for all of us to protect our territory, our happiness, (wouldn’t you?) what makes us feel good and keep the one who claimed us in our arms/to ourselves.

    Also, as a real caribbean girl, there are 365 days of summer on my island where flip flops are worn as indoor slippers or at the beach/pool cause the dust from outside (3rd world countries are like that with bad roads) if worn there would mess up our pedicures and yes caribbean is paradise why many seek a piece of it and why it remains close to the hearts of those who owns it in their hearts/souls :)

    …and most boys (not men) are seasonal beings, this is only spring, summer is in the horizon, around the corner, you never know..some prefer to be a season, I want to be a forever keep her/keeper :) (my own 365 days of summer figuratively speaking as well)

    Thanks for the visit, enjoy the holidays if you celebrate

    • Broken Sparkles Says:

      huh, that was a comment of the post! Very detailed, thanks :)
      Well, first off, I’m not really the protective over someone type of a woman :), because on the end of the day nothing that breathes and walks, and has the mind and the right on opinion can be really ours to protect. If someone wants to go, let him go … by forcing him to stay you’ll just push him further away.

      Maybe when one day I find somebody worth fighting for I might want to mark my territory, but in this case, I was the one to leave because there was nothing worth to protect :)

      The expression about 365 days of summer it was not about the weather, it was more about a relationship without storms and disagreements.

      Also, there is a huge difference between flip-flops and sandals with high heels. And I certainly meant the sandals and the image is on purpose the image that it is.

      Thank you very much for this lovely comment and yes, I do celebrate Easter and my holiday will sure be very happy! The same to you!

      • Life: Between the lines Says:

        yes I read a lot in that and more. If you noticed I replied right under Dragon because after reading the piece and seeing her comment the inferences I saw/gathered were not the same at all.

        I was having the same convo with Luke on his recent poem as well lol and here what he had to say and trust me he is preaching to the choir :

        I quote him here “but we all draw our own inferences from a piece, and sometimes it matters not at all what the poet intended (Google ‘Intentional Fallacy’), it’s what the reader brings to it that counts, in each individual case. Sometimes I feel like once I birth a piece, it then has a life of its own and I am just another member of the audience…”

        As most others on here did as well, and most sided against Coraline. I did not.

        The last stanza was cutting, mean, vicious, IN MY VIEW. I can’t side with that at all. Because you see, as I read it why go back to someone in the presence of the new to do anything. Wouldn’t she feel offended, disrespected or even upset? She had no clue of your past with him, so why flaunt it? And from that view, wouldn’t a woman bite back? Obviously from reading some replies here maybe most won’t but I was that woman who did not fight back once upon a time and I lost my dream so more power to the ones who did.

        As for my tangents, consider the days of summer reply and my replies about my home, my country relating to the pictures of the sandals and lastly to boys (back to your piece) as in, there should not be a reason for the back biting, the mean words because boys are fickle beings, most of them and as such, there is no need for women to throw words at each other. If each woman would give space to another in their relationships, we could could truly be sisters who look out for each other and not demean one another.

        yes ma’am I did…

        • Broken Sparkles Says:

          Most women are unable to look after each other, I have very few “girlfriends” just because of that reason … dramatic, overreacting, over-controlling and selfish creatures … Yes, I know, I’m a woman too, but the sad truth is this is what we sometimes do. But you know once you loose few very valuable things then you change your act and you loose that attitude of a spoiled brat. I’ve lost it long time ago, because I lost many other things on the way to where I am right now …

          Coraline is a real person, just with changed name. I didn’t like her attitude, the way she tries to show off how brilliant is that she is somewhere I was once. Well is not brilliant at all and she already has started to find out about it …

          Plus, little girls that think everything in this world measures with the size of your heels and the color of your fancy shoes, or those that have everything ready from daddy and never really understood what is to earn your own money, but always spend someone else’s … well, the message in the last stanza was for girls like this, so vicious or not, mean or not … it’s true …

  4. trisha Says:

    fabulous story blaga. the ending part is very loving and tender.

  5. Olivia Says:

    A perfect piece here Bubble!
    I absolutely loved it for the choice of words and the content..

    Image compliments just too well.. Words of wisdom..

    Hugs xxx

  6. Heart Says:

    As soon as I read, “What Coraline didn’t know was that I was here..”, I think I knew.. My heart dropped.. !
    Two things that I have to separate in my review..
    Splendid, clever and great intelligent style of writing..
    Artistic, subtle and tender compassion of the girl who chose not to break Caroline’s heart.. You excel yourself Blaga.. always..

  7. deadpoet88 Says:

    Wow, the ending especially has such deep words of wisdom. There is not such thing as 365 days of summer (though I’d prefer winters).

    I don’t understand why some girls get so clingy about their men, if things are meant to be, they will work out. I feel that possessiveness will only hurt the relationship over time.

    i don’t like the sound of Caroline at all.

  8. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Chuckle. Very good. And a bit of canny insight to close. Nice!


    You have written beautifully and I had to read it again and again–I loved the way you moved away with dignity and self respect intact because that is the memory that will be strong enough to tide us over the cold winter! Oh! the havoc ,changing winds play with fragile hearts.

  10. TC Says:

    Nicely written, enjoyed!

  11. Cherlyn Says:

    I can’t stand women like that. Almost as though they are bragging about their life, but not in a cocky arrogant way, more of an aside sort of way. one without a keen eye is sure to miss it. I hate to admit it, but everyone woman can get like that sometimes too. I try my best not to, but it’s hard to not be a bitch like the rest of my sex.

    My approach to men and boyfriends is to not be clingy, because I don’t like being clung to. I don’t like feeling jealous or untrusting, of either the man i’m with or my friends around him. But nothing gets under my skin more than a woman who feels its necessary to show off her man and brag about her sex life – its almost as if they’re trying to one-up me.

    I definitely love the last bit of this post, about 365 days of summer, it has a lot of wisdom to it.

    • Broken Sparkles Says:

      Agree with all you say here Cherlyn, one more time we think very much alike, but yes, there are times we ourselves can act like this. But as I said, there is no place with 365 days of summer, sometimes it might rain, it might snow, it might be a stormy night and arguments to fly around, alas these are all parts of life. Thanks Cherlyn for reading!

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