Broken tango


“I bust the windows out your car, and no, it didn’t mend my broken heart. I’ll probably always have these ugly scars, but right now I don’t care about that part. I bust the windows out your car, after I saw you laying next to her”

~ Jasmine Sullivan – “Bust your windows”



“… She was writing again and this time the words were different, this time she wanted to share happiness. They couldn’t stay apart. It was like a dream, like a fairytale, like a celebration, or at least Bella thought it was. Blind, deaf, not able to accept anything but the moments with him, with Charlie, her Charlie.

People were talking bad about him, even Dina and Helena once told her they saw him with another woman, but she couldn’t believe it was true. Bella trusted him. And when the pregnancy test Bella did came positive, she had another prove of his devotion. The excitement in his voice, how come he could have another woman? It was impossible! Charlie couldn’t wait the doctor to confirm the news, so Bella could go and talk to her parents and he could officially ask for her hand.

Three weeks later, Bella called her mom and said she is coming to see them. Mr. and Mrs. Rico Valor were delighted with the news, their baby girl had met someone nice and there was a grand-child on its way. Isabella was supposed to stay two days in Santa Pola, but she couldn’t wait to see Charlie again, so she decided to go back a day earlier and to surprise him. But she was the one to be surprised , entering the flat, seeing clothes all over the floor, definitely not hers.

The sound of the running water in the shower, the sighs of pleasure and the view of Charlie’s naked body, holding another naked body of a woman, touching her, kissing her with care. At first it was the shock that made her go down on the floor, trying to restrict the vision, trying to convince herself, that it was just a bad joke. And then the awakening, her six senses brutally awake, showing her in slow motion all signs about how much people were right, all signs that she ignored , because it was so damn good to feel like a princess. And at last – the rage that swallowed her, feeling she will murder, the scream: “Out! Both of you out!”, which got the attention of the sinful couple in the shower.

It was a blur, a delusion what followed next. The skinny blond woman running and leaving wet traces on the black marble. Charlie apologizing and Bella pushing him away, with hatred, with disgust, nasty feelings she never felt before. The vase and the picture frames thrown after him and that traitor her heart, hoping Charlie will disappear. And when finally alone with the door locked and Charlie banging on it, begging her to let him in and explain, the tears came, the bitter ocean of tears, followed by million “Why?” and blood running down on her legs.

Bella lost the baby and with the unborn baby gone, all her dreams faded at once. The pieces of glass in between water and roses on the floor, were the only witnesses to watch her soul evaporating into the sky, the only that heard the silent promise : ” There won’t be another heart to trust and let it dance a broken tango with my scars!” … “


This was a part of a story I write and I haven’t finished yet …

“Because that is how life is – full of surprises.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer  

"La muerte del tango/ The death of tango" by Patric-images on


© 2011  Broken Sparkles

8 Responses to “Broken tango”

  1. deadpoet88 Says:

    Whoa, this one is so dark. I feel so bad that she lost her baby, must have been so painful. Not to mention her finding out the truth about her boyfriend. Why do people do such things? Why not just come out straight and end things?

    I would love to read the whole story, do have it up soon!!

  2. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Definitely La Muerte del Tango. So dark and tragic and such is life much too often. We kid ourselves. It’s human nature or woman nature. Anyway a love short-short and can see were you might expand on it. Look forward to reading more when you are ready.

    Thanks for a good read this p.m. Enjoy morning coffee and music.

    Later … :-) and thanks for your visits.

    • Broken Sparkles Says:

      It’s ready, and I’ll start posting it tonight, though you can’t define it as a short story, and you can’t say it goes to the novels section. I hope I will get a feedback on how I can make it better … Thanks Jamie!

  3. Heart Says:

    The story IS(feels) complete Blaga.. Sad and painful, and adultery is an unnecessary evil of society.. Hope to read more fictional prose from you!

  4. Cherlyn Says:

    Sorry for getting around to this so late. People need to not update so fast, I can’t keep up:P! lol. This was really wonderful, I love dark stories. I feel like this is complete already, a nice short story. However, I could definitely see it being expanded, maybe the prologue to a book. Really great work!

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