I’m in love with a fairytale

“I’m in love with a fairytale even though it hurts,
’cause I don’t care if I lose my mind, I’m already cursed …”

~Alexander Rybak

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reflections on paper over slick colors
only the date remains to cast the years gone
it’s hard to draw the memories blank
letting the warmth of one summer night crack

the melody of the violin has faded away
but the music of the day I still remember
adagio in the green of his eyes
rondo in my veins, prelude to our little utopia

he was swimming in glory over my conquered heart
i was soundless, drunk from the flames on his skin
he was in love with a fairytale
i’m still breathing the flashbacks of his smile


Alexander Rybak - image courtesy Alexander Rybak Facebook page

Alexander Rybak was born in Minsk (Belarus) on 13th of May, 1986. He grew up at Nesodden, near the Norwegian capital Oslo. He plays violin and piano since he was five years old. He won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 with  his self composed song “Fairytale” – 387 points, setting up a new record for the contest.


© 2011  Broken Sparkles

63 Responses to “I’m in love with a fairytale”

  1. Olivia Says:

    The guy is very much adorable and talented too.. lols

    Jokes aside.. your words compliment the music you have posted here. I read your written words while listening to his music. It couldn’t be anymore perfect!!

    He seems to be the perfect man.. he sings awesome, plays good, looks to kill for and a smile……………………..

    Lady, you have got me with this one!
    Hugs xx

  2. liv2write2day Says:

    Beautiful and enchanting, both music and poem. I love anything to do with music.

  3. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Fabulous! I’m sitting here clapping hands and smiling. Hugely talented and what a fine homage to him is this post and your lovely poem, Blaga! This is the best of my day. Bravo! Thank you.

    Several quite extraordinary phrases here: “draw memories blank” “cast the years” adagio to utopia (wonderful) “breathing flashbacks of his smile”. Well in short, the entire poem is well done.

    • Broken Sparkles Says:

      Always happy to make someone smiling :)! I’m glad you like the poem, Jamie! I knew you would like the music, the violin play is extraordinary, isn’t it? Happy days!

  4. souldipper Says:

    Thank you for the intro, Blaga. That young man knows how to appeal!

    Your poem is very, very good, Blaga. Such great expressions for the feelings this artist stirs.

  5. marousia Says:

    Oh, this is so beautifully melancholy and romantic – thoroughly enjoyed reading this – in fact I read it three times to savour it.

  6. Jingle Says:

    good for him…

    Love concerts, his talent is part of your pride.
    keep smiling…


  7. Life: Between the lines Says:

    ha! I used to be a dreamer, believing in fairytales then I came a fool by insertion of too much I guess…

    This reminds me of the song :’Fairy tales do come true when/if it happens to you”

    see basically saying they are true WHEN/IF they occur so until that happens phhtt, nice piece though. I am too much of a cynic does that make sense?

    It is a nice piece in and of itself….loved the video :) Enjoy the rally!

  8. bendedspoon Says:

    You are such a lovely and talented princess Blaga. Your words can bring me to fairyland where all things are possible.

    Perfect tandem! Happy day to you! :)


    I am falling for this fairy tale Blaga. This is the loveliest composition I have read all month. makes me want to fall in love all over again. Lovely mastery over the words and imagery.


    I am sharing this in my blog. Hope you don’t mind. Its too lovely to be lost among other musings.

  11. lunawitch15 Says:

    a wonderful tribute. :)

  12. Jaan Pehchaan Says:

    Breathing the flashbacks and one with the smile! Here is mine: http://jaanpehchaan.wordpress.com/2011/04/02/pale-in-pain/

  13. Ina Says:

    Lovely, both the songcontest entry and your poem about it.
    Well written! You are the best!

  14. Jessica Says:

    Really good, Blaga! I love the ‘flashbacks of his smile’.


  15. Chimnese Says:

    I never heard of the violinist, but i truly loved the poem you have written, true nostalgia…

  16. louisedouglas Says:

    Lovely fairy tale. Ah smiles, music and love….

  17. Lyn Says:

    This wonderfully presents the passion of falling in love..I’m swooning!! “swimming in glory over my conquered heart..”

  18. seabell Says:

    What a moment it was, Dear Friend! I do understand why you still remember.

  19. Raksha Bhat Says:

    The last line made me smile:)Lovely words:)

  20. ladynimue Says:

    He is cute ;)
    my heart is already dying to hear his music [ but laptop has crashed and youtube does not work in office ]
    I will wait to hear him..
    As of now , your words are a beauty in itself !!
    Loved reading it :))

  21. thingy Says:

    Zowie! Cute and talented.

  22. Reggie Says:

    Very talented young man…Loved your poem Blaga…sentimental.

  23. fiveloaf Says:

    nowadays i read very refined poems from you blag- good for you! my potluck.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2011/01/21/remain/

  24. trisha Says:

    what a poem blaga! splendid. soft, romantic and vivid. cherishable.


  25. Dragon Ka-Tet Says:

    What a wonderful tribute you’ve composed and wow, is that guy talented! And HOT! :) I think any woman in her right mind would be smitten!

  26. deadpoet88 Says:

    Lovely poem! I must look him up, seems interesting. I love the violin, the music is so beautiful.

    I like the idea of being in love with a fairytale, makes life seem more hopeful in a way, though at the same time we have to think real.

    • Broken Sparkles Says:

      Well, fairytales happen often, the question is, what do you do to hold it forever, because in non of the fairytales I’ve read they tell you what happens after “… and they lived happily ever after…”, did they really do that? Thanks S.! Lovely morning with few comments from you!

  27. Someone is Special Says:

    Fabulous poem.. Loved it..

    Someone is Special

  28. Cherlyn Says:

    So much talent – both from the young man and from you! Your words paired excellently with his music, thank you for sharing both!

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