Un dulce pecado mortal

Un dulce pecado mortal

/Sweet mortal sin/

Last day of my Puerto Rican
vacation, how do I leave the sun?
Last night of custard apples heat
and extra cubes of summer snow.
I was looking for an ice tea, instead
the purple of my dress melted
“Ven, baila conmigo” – his voice I met.

Two hands of caress and
the pulse of the drums on the street.
Moving feet and bodies to salsa,
leaking rhythm and the eyes of a beholder.
Into the crowded darkness he whispers
“Tu eres como un dulce pecado mortal” and I sigh.

Charged skin with imagination,
my mind engaged in infusion.
Exploring, searching for more and more.
Un espejismo sexual, how do I leave tomorrow?
Innocent girl before the dance.
Woman in his entwines and my heart whirls,
Cariño, es lo que doy, te llevo en mi corazón.


Custard apple – exotic fruit, called Corazon in Puerto rico/ or bulls’ heart/

Ven, baila conmigo – Come, dance with me

Tu eres como un dulce pecado mortal – You are like a sweet mortal sin

Un espejismo sexual – Sexual mirage

Cariño, es lo que doy, te llevo en mi corazón Honey is what I give, you are in my heart


Inspired by Juramento- Ricky Martin

Don’t ever let me go to Puerto Rico or listen to Spanish music from now on …


"Salsa" by gregd photography on deviantart.com


© 2011  Broken Sparkles


25 Responses to “Un dulce pecado mortal”

  1. Jamie Dedes Says:

    How funny that we both used dance in our posts today and Hispanic gentleman!

    Hot stuff, Blaga! It’s all sorts of sizzly and sassy. Love it.

  2. Eric Says:

    Wow! Hot stuff indeed, Blaga!
    (Wish I spoke more Spanish now!)

  3. liv2write2day Says:

    Steamy, beautiful interlude, Blaga.

    Have you read “Traveling with Pomegranates”? Greece plays a prominent role and there’s a dance scene in it that reminds me of this…very symbolic. It’s by Sue Monk Kidd (The Secret Life of Bees) and her daughter. Makes me want to travel to Greece.

  4. Olivia Says:

    Sexual mirage… okiesssss
    hot hot hot!

    Bubbles, at 2.30am last night or may I say middle of the night, I was shaking my leg- and every darn part of my body to the beat!

    Indeed, the Spanish music plays games with your mind.. :)
    awesome words you have remixed in both the languages..
    Tus palabras me hacen surco!
    I hope that was right.. :D

    ERIC: Don’t get ideas.. haaha ;)

    • Broken Sparkles Says:

      You know I have a little theory each language is created for something, English is absolutely for poetry and Spanish is the language of passion, extreme passion and dancing. The bad part comes when with me extreme passions don’t produce poetry :) I suffered writing this, honestly! I’m glad we shared a song last night :) it was fun time! Hugs!

  5. irisdeurmyer Says:

    Ahh. My son has visited there with one of his best friends and the pictures and comments tell me this is one country I have not visited that when I do, I will never want to leave. Great sentiment. I am homesick for Puerto Rico and never been there. Thanks.

  6. KRM Says:

    I think I actually blushed!

  7. Jingle Says:

    it reminds me of American idol show I used to watch…

    hot, fast, and fun..

    well done piece.

  8. Jessica Says:

    Oooh, very hot, Blaga!
    I go to ballroom dancing lessons over here and there is nothing hotter than an Argentine Tango – one day i will master it! There certainly is something about the Latin beat that gets the pssions going!

  9. cutepinklol Says:

    yeah, he sounds like a hot hunk! made me sweaty!

  10. Cherlyn Says:

    This was a very sexy poem – very romantic and slightly erotic (at least to me), I really enjoyed it!

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