No, I should not …


Lust is what makes you keep wanting it, even when you have no desire to be with each other. Love is what makes you keep wanting to be with each other, even when you have no desire to do it.”
~ Judith Viorst


Blaga Dimitrova - image courtesy

Blaga Dimitrova/ 1922- 2003/

Bulgarian poetess and Vice President of Bulgaria from 1992 until 1993. Collection of published 15 books of poetry and 8 novels, several essays and plays. Translated into more than 20 languages.



Day and night

by Blaga Dimitrova

At dawn when I recognize

submerging in sunrise the ridge

yet the first thought is this

that I should not be thinking of you


Throughout the day treacherous

the thought is stalking me wherever I go

and whatever I do there is a reminder

that I should not be thinking of you


And when the night is looming

and every pain in the dreams lies swept

I can not sleep and still think

that I should not be thinking of you




I don’t know why I remembered this poem yesterday, actually I know but is not important at this particular moment … It was written/ in Bulgarian/ on most of my notebooks in high-schiool. And when I found this video of the poem with the music/ posted on youtube by / I decided to translate it and share it. I hope the translation is good enough. Reading it in Bulgarian and in English it does have a different feel … but either way I love this poem and the poetess, after all we have the same name … I hope the same success …


© 2011  Broken Sparkles

23 Responses to “No, I should not …”

  1. souldipper Says:

    Aha, you had me fooled for a while, Blaga! I love that poem…


    lovely one Blaga, written by your name sake.

  3. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Blaga, this is a stunning post. I’ve had this page open for some time now, rereading the poem and listening to the music. Both perfect. I see your parents named you well.

    This post is truly a gift. Thank you!

    • Jamie Dedes Says:

      And now yes – I have written a poem (the music is so evocative and the poem so suggestive) – and I must research this woman. The question arises: Why was she vice president for only one year? I don’t know Bulgarian history. This will be interesting research. Put it on my list. So many little projects and still haven’t finished Eqypt. Wonder how I did it all before retirement.

      Lovely woman. Like her namesake.

      Will post the poem I wrote and link to you sometime this week.

      Hugs! and blessing to our own dear Blaga.

      • Broken Sparkles Says:

        Oh Jamie, I’m happy we share the same love for this post. I’ve been listening to the music for the past two days non-stop. And the poem in Bulgarian sounds much more poetic, but still I liked the way I translated it in English.

        The name Blaga it is a rare name, my granny was called Blaga and I was named after her.

        The poetess was a vice-president only for a short time, because it was the first years after the fall of the communism, many things were confused and she had disagreements with the President, so she resigned.

        I’m glad a poem came after this, I’m still too impressed with the music and I can’t write yet, but I will, after I listen to it 287627348 times :).

        Blessings back Jamie, I’m happy to see you here :)

        • Jamie Dedes Says:

          Thanks for your kind words and explaination and for the link you left on my site and for which I will be eternally grateful. So much to mine from it. Wonderful. I’m going to take a break. Today is a good day for me, so I will go to the used bookstore next town over and see if I can find any translations of her poetry before it gets too late.

          Look forward to your poem inspired by this. :-) Wonderful!

  4. Jamie Dedes Says:

    P.S. – Fab job on Aleza’s interview, by the way.

    No luck in Los Altos on the book. Tomorrow I will go to Mountain View, which is further away and has a huge store that is sure to have some copies. I know that the regular bookstores wont have her. They won’t take up space with a poet that is not known here. I do love that site link you sent and will probably sign up. Thanks! :-) Altogether too much fun today.

  5. jameschristophersheppard Says:

    This is beautiful. The repeated last line of each stanza really works and seems effortless on your part. Simple, but very effective. :)

  6. ladynimue Says:

    Oh such wonderful feelings trapped here ,, sigh !


    […] other day Blaga Todorova (Broken Sparkles) did an exquisite POST introducing us to the Bulgarian poet, Blaga Dimitrova. The post included a translation of a poem by […]

  8. Jingle Says:

    powerful message…
    well delivered.

  9. silverdegene Says:

    Just like how I keep reminding myself to remember to bad of him.
    Beautiful work :)

  10. Cherlyn Says:

    This was just amazing, thank you so much for sharing this with us. Just exceptionally beautiful!

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