One perfect name day

Today it was a lovely day! 25th of March is a national holiday in Greece – Independence day and in Bulgaria – it’s my name day! It was sunny, very sunny and I, like one summer girl, felt absolutely comfortable in my skin. I was out all day and I saw the parade for Independence day/ in 1832 Greece was finally recognized as independent nation, after being under Ottoman’s empire rule/. Young and old people were lined to watch the march of the army on the streets.

“Evzone soldier” by Blaga Todorova

“Cute, little evzone soldier” by Blaga Todorova

















The moment where the evzone soldiers/ elite, ceremonial units in the Greek army, guarding the Tomb of the Unknown soldier, the Hellenic Parliament and the President mansion/ passed by,  tapping on the asphalt with their heavy “tsarouchia”/ evzones shoes/ and the drums were playing army music, the clapping from the crowd was unbelievable, magical in a way. It’s been a while to see people gathering together in the center of Athens for something different than a strike or a protest. When the parade finished I had a coffee at my favorite coffee shop and then wandered around with friends to enjoy the beautiful day!

Sitting on the stairs of Akademias- The Academy

I had so many nice wishes for my name day, made my heart feeling good today! 25th of March in Bulgaria is called Благовещение /Blagoveshtenie/ and it’s one of the most beautiful Orthodox celebrations.  The legends say that on this day the sky opened and Gabriel came down to Earth to announce to Virgin Mary that she was chosen to give birth of God’s son.  This day is connected to the good, sweet news. My name Блага / Blaga/ means good, sweet. Today everyone named Blaga, Gabriel, Gabriella, Evangeline celebrate.

The old people say that you can predict the year ahead, based on how 25th of March was for each of us. My 25th of March was adorable, so I truly hope the days to come will be the same. The old traditions will make the women to clean the house early in the morning, to collect the garbage and to burn it. The flame of the fire is symbol that snakes/ evil/ won’t visit the household. It’s a day when the birds will bring the good news about the end of the winter.

“Spring colors” by Rumi Krasteva

Being in the spirit of a day where the good news are honored, I would like to dedicate today’s post to my friend Rumi, who has a birthday in exactly 30 minute from now. Rumi and I don’t know each other for a very long time, but the amount of sweetness and encouragement I get from her, it’s like we’ve been friends for all our lives. She is one of those people that will always find a positive word to help you forget any sad moment, and a smile to welcome every happiness together with you. It’s a shame this year I couldn’t go to Bulgaria like last year to celebrate our days together, but she was the first/ after mom :), mom is always before everyone/ to wish me happy name day and to send me sunshine and hope for a better tomorrow.

Happy Birthday my dear Rumi!

May the new moon sails with you to faraway lands of enchanting love and graceful moments of life.

Be always the way you are! Have a wonderful day tomorrow! I love you loads!

Rumi and I, last year 25-26 of March- Sofia, Bulgaria


“… no man is useless while he has a friend.”
– Robert Louis Stevenson

© 2011  Broken Sparkles


19 Responses to “One perfect name day”

  1. Aleza Says:

    You are very sweet indeed! Nice post. Love the pics!!

  2. Jingle Says:

    Happy Birthday To Rumi,

    Happy Independent Day to you.
    you look fabulous.

    relax, bless you.

  3. Rumy Says:

    My Dear friend, thank you very much for your warm wishes and for this lovely post! I accept it as a dedication of the Friendship which is like a Spring smile, that comes to you always in a right moment and brings the sweetness, encouragement and love that makes you a better person.You are a wonderful friend and
    make this day very special, thank you! Love you! ♥♥♥

  4. deadpoet88 Says:

    Lovely post! Really liked reading about the day, sounds very festive and cheerful. Glad you had a great name day :) I do hope you have a wonderful year ahead! Love the photographs too!

    Happy birthday to your friend, Rumi! :)

  5. Jessica Says:

    That was very interesting to read, Blaga. Nice to know you are a ‘sweet’ person!
    Aren’t the soldiers’ outfits strange – I presume there is some historical reason for their design?
    Wishing you a great weekend!

    • Broken Sparkles Says:

      Thank you Jess, though that “sweet” meaning of my name shouldn’t be really taken for granted :) The outfits for the evzones stayed from back then, when Greece was under Turkish invasion … It’s mostly for decorative purposes, and soldiers like this dressed you can see only in front of the Parliament, the rest of the soldiers are in hot navy-blue uniforms :) Have a good weekend too!

  6. blackwatertown Says:

    Congratulations on your name day.
    I wonder does the word blaga in English come from getting a good thing or a sweet deal?

  7. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Oh, happy, happy name day, Blaga. I haven’t known anyone to celebrate name days since my childhood. And the feast of the Visitation. What could be more wonderful. One of my favorites. My confirmation name is Gabriella, by the way. I’m so glad you had a wonderful day and – yes – I hope that that means it bodes well for the year to come.

    Love the photographs and the Greek soldiers. I had a doll from Greece – a soldier – that my father got me a long time ago. It was lovely. The dog ate it!

    So, in my family – father’s side – the Greeks and the Turkish at odds even within the family. He left Turkey with a price on his head circa 1902, or so I am told.

    Happy Birthday to your dear Rumi. You both look lovely and happy and she shares her name with the fabulous Persian poet.

    Best wishes for the days and years,

    • Broken Sparkles Says:

      Thank you Jamie for the wishes, it was a great day indeed. Here people celebrate their name days much more than the birthdays … It would’ve been nice if you lived in Turkey :) it’s just 45 minute with the airplane away. Guess who would visit you for coffee every now and then :). But It’s good your father escaped the troubles.
      I’ll give Rumi your regards for her day, I’m sure she will be happy! Jamie, I’ve missed your comments very much! It’s a delight to find so many of them! Thanks!

  8. Cherlyn Says:

    The meaning of your name definitely suits you – you’re definitely sweet :). Happy belated name day! Sorry for the delay again. I’m just glad I can find the time to catch up on your wonderful posts :).

    Thank you for sharing these celebrations with us, I love learning about different cultures, it’s all so fascinating!

    • Broken Sparkles Says:

      My name day is known only in Bulgaria so even here in Greece no one congratulate me about it :), but yes, it was a good one this year and thanks for the belated wishes, wonderful anyway …

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