How swiftly the suitcase absconds the dust
How elegantly the clothes escape the cupboard
Flip-flops and a map, boldly the zip stabs the air

How edgy the twilight before dawn appears
How unfairly distant the airport seems
Images and a feverish mind, horizons await

How laden with sparkles the heart pounds
How strikingly sublime the moment flares
Craving a trip, riveting a vacation, I travel today

 * * * * *

And I’m not going on vacation, in case you wonder :) …

The only traveling I’ll be doing for the next couple of months is in my dreams.

"Airport at night" by Eike /le-trou-noir/ on deviantart.com


© 2011  Broken Sparkles


29 Responses to “Flares”

  1. souldipper Says:

    The edginess of travel – of getting everything done and being on time. I felt that when I read your poem, Blaga. If you truly have left for a trip – enjoy like never before~!

  2. Rhyme Me a Smile Says:

    I miss that feeling! It’s hectic, but I’m aching to take a trip. Thanks for visiting my rally post! :)

  3. Artswebshow Says:

    Ooh travelling is not my favourite thing to do.
    I wish i had the ability to click my fingers and be wherever i needed to go if i so choose. lol

  4. deadpoet88 Says:

    Ah traveling, love the feeling when going on a trip. Bags packed, and a song in the heart for fun times to come.

    It is always sad when trips are over though. You’ve brought out the feeling of traveling perfectly! :)

  5. ladynimue Says:

    You really going off for a vacation ?
    I wish you would ! It would be fun :D
    Amazing post still :)

  6. liv2write2day Says:

    Ah, you’re travelling already. Got to admit, it’s become such a hassle. Maybe it’s because I’m getting “old.” :0) You do capture the anticipation.

  7. Jingle Says:

    I prefer driving on vacations, that way, I see views along the way, make lots of stops to catch my breath and break…

    the way you think about vacation is romantic like.

    beautiful imagery..
    enjoyed it.

  8. ashbeezone Says:

    Lovely Poetry
    Here’s Mine STUFF

    !! }{APPY RALLY !! xD

  9. cutepinklol Says:

    I got here from jessica’s page. Nice poem! I like the flip flops link. And I like Spartatus!

  10. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Sometimes we have to be armchair travelers for awhile. I hope you do manage a trip soon.

    Lovely fun poem. Much enjoyed “laden with sparkles the heart pounds.” That is so quintessentially you!

    Happy dreams and happy dreams come true … Poem on …

  11. Timoteo Says:

    You could have fooled me!

  12. Gigi Ann Says:

    Sounds good to me… I’m ready, what time to we leave?

  13. Jingle Says:

    superb piece…


    Happy Potluck.

  14. Jaan Pehchaan Says:

    I love to travel. I always have a suitcase packed and ready for a moments notice!

  15. Teri C Says:

    Just wonderful. I feel your excitement and now I want to travel also.

  16. A.B. Thomas Says:

    Great write! It captures the essence of the franticness of relaxation! That photograph was awesome as well!

  17. bendedspoon Says:

    wonderful exciting feeling! :)

  18. Reflections Says:

    I too love to travel within my words, within my mind, for brief rejuvenating moments.

  19. lunawitch15 Says:

    I hear yah, thankfully you have a great imagaination!

  20. Olivia Says:

    What a superb number! Absolutely perfect feature poem.. :D

    You write so well that it takes time for me to come out of it and smell the reality (it stinks..eh)

    You love to travel- don’t ya? For a very sweet friend- I travel for her these wishes, hugs n kisses xoxox

  21. fiveloaf Says:

    just wrote a zip poem and here i am finding the same word on yours haha! here’s mine blag.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/04/07/frozen-fears/

  22. a noiseless patient spider Says:

    this echoes a modernist language… a walt whitman delight.

    To My Hometown

  23. trisha Says:

    beautiful poem, i wish i could pack and take a loooooooooooong trip :)

    you captured the feeling perfectly. having lot of problem in wordpress for last seven days or more.


  24. seabell Says:

    Great poem, Blaga. You make me wonder if being indifferent to travelling is possible at all…

  25. Sina Saberi Says:

    how thrilling a read this is…

  26. lizbethsgarden Says:

    Enjoy your virtual vacation!

  27. Soulicitor Says:

    a beautiful poetic resolve!

  28. Umamaheswari.A Says:

    Hope you enjoyed every thing around…cute poem

  29. Cherlyn Says:

    I think this really encompasses the emotions one feels before travelling – both the anticipation, the nervousness, and the stress of it. Wonderful!

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