Where the shadows will never glow again

Rocks and ocean

Early Friday morning,
ordinary sunrise, but not for long.
The level of humiliation on the globe
was beyond acceptable and nature
couldn’t take the pressure any longer.

The old lady took an underground breath,
tried to convince her soil they’ll survive,
but helplessly, an anxiety attack came.

Before and aftershock collided,
plate tectonics moved past each other,
primary waves, turned into secondary,
reached the surface and became love shears,
to end with a crush on the harbor.

Concrete and glass, cool molten rocks
and muddy ocean swept every convicted soul,
no imagery, no tribute will ever ease the lost.

Another day to seek for survivors,
to rescue the colors of  human tissues left.
Another “why?” and no candy for the crying child,
tons of strength in the nuclear air, but no hope for
the place where the shadows will never glow again.


Dedicated to the people in Japan.

"For Japan" by Xileohp


© 2011  Broken Sparkles


15 Responses to “Where the shadows will never glow again”

  1. short poems Says:

    Wrapped up very nicely!

  2. deadpoet88 Says:

    Very beautiful poem, and a great tribute to the Japan disaster. It is very sad that nature wrecked such havoc, I do hope they are able to recover soon.

  3. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Blaga, this is a lovely poem for a horrific situation, one that has us all up at night and worrying about our Japanese brothers and sisters. And a wonderful thing to do to support the effort of Xilhoep. Thank you! You are dear as always.

  4. Kavita Says:

    This was very moving, Summer gal.. I think you’ve captured the moment and the sentiment perfectly here..
    “to rescue the colors of human tissues left.” — tight and vivid!! But so true…

    Bless the land.. bless the people..

    Thanks for the deviantart link, sweetie.. very thoughtful of you..

  5. ladynimue Says:

    no imagery, no tribute will ever ease the lost.

    Sigh ! Nothing left to say more ..

  6. tigerbrite Says:

    Fine poem Blaga.

  7. yelena m. Says:

    I feel your pain through this wonderful poem, Blaga…Thank you for sharing.

  8. southwindtrails Says:

    That was a lovely poem, I really liked the part “no candy for the crying child” I think it worked really nicely.
    Thank you for sharing:)

  9. debi Says:

    I have nominated you for the well-deserved Versatile Blogger Award:


  10. Jingle Says:

    powerful highlight of the earthquake/events…

    sad, yet hope is on the way, you could link your poem to many prompts, click on my link to see what I have done on mine…

    Poets United Hope prompt,
    Belinda’s Hope prompt,
    Magic in the back yard’s hope prompt,

    no obligations, enjoy what you do, stay cool.

  11. bendedspoon Says:

    This is very moving– the heart and poem; the hand and crane.
    Praying for Japan and the movers :)

  12. Olivia Says:

    How vividly you’ve captured the mishap and the consequences! Your imagery is breathtaking..
    Prayers n wishes for everyone.. Hope this doesn’t happen ever again..

    Peace x

  13. plaridel Says:

    the recent tragedy in japan has shown how powerful, merciless, and devastating the forces of nature are. are they not enough for humanity to contend with? why do we still need to create weapons of mass destruction and start wars against each other?

  14. Cherlyn Says:

    A beautifully sad poem, it encompasses the tragedy so well. My heart goes out to the people of Japan, who are sitll facing this tragedy head-on.

  15. Pat Cegan Says:

    In so few words you capture the tragedy and aftermath. Well done as always. Hugs, pat

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