Cheesy dance


Dear, yummy biscuits
with enchanting scent of cinnamon,
don’t hesitate and get into your best dresses.

Meet Mr. Wonderfully Melted Butter,
dance on the heart-shaped tray to exhaustion
and settle for a dreamy sleep.

I will weave a blanket
from a cheesy, cozy mixture and
a drop of tasty lemon, to keep you safe all night.

Strawberries for good luck,
a lead to the Indesit fridge and
don’t worry, I won’t share you with anybody.


"Cheesecake" by microgrooves on


© 2011  Broken Sparkles

36 Responses to “Cheesy dance”

  1. Kavita Says:

    Wowwwiiieesss… awesome!! Gosh..really, this food talk makes me so hungry!! :D
    That melted browned butter and those biscuits are MY FAVORITE in any cheesecake… given a choice, I would eat ALL of it, and leave the cream for the cream-lovers.. LOL

    Enjoyed this sumptuous treat, summer gal… it’s oh so summeryyy… :)

  2. krissi Says:

    This is so funny. I shan`t feel any guilt next time I help myself to a serving of rich cheesecake.

  3. seabell Says:

    More than a recipe, I suspect a love case in here! Well put together!

  4. liv2write2day Says:

    This is proving to be a very dangerous prompt. This is delicious, Blaga. I like your new blog, too.

  5. Jingle Says:

    sweet treat,

    beautiful delivery of your cheese cake.

  6. plaridel Says:

    cheesecake and strawberries! what a combination! top it with humor. simply awesome.

  7. deadpoet88 Says:

    Damn that is one yummy poem! I am hungry now! Me want cheesecake! :D

    Love the image, makes my mouth water

  8. bendedspoon Says:

    I love cheesecake and it’s a sweet torture to read this!
    hmmm :)

  9. Jessica Says:

    Mmm, I do like a piece of cheesecake too, Blaga! I like this poem as well – Mr Wonderfully Melted Butter is clever.

  10. ladynimue Says:

    yummmilicious !!


  11. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Wow! I wouldn’t share with anyone either!

    Lots of fun, Blaga. Fine selection for this Potluck!

    Mouth watering ….

    Have a good evening.

  12. fiveloaf Says:

    that picture is what made me drool after reading your poem blaga..

  13. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Got your message! Glad you liked the postcards. :-) Happy days …

  14. Olivia Says:

    You had to post the image too?
    Bubble, I think I’ve eaten more with my eyes since Monday with the Potluck treats-
    sigh! drooooolinnngggggggggg..

    I am the kinds who loves her ice-cream on cake and then topped with a huge spread of cream on it! Strawberries, cherries n oranges sat like a treasure island.

    yummmmmmmmm :)
    Hugs xxx

  15. Jaan Pehchaan Says:

    Food too rich for my comfort! Here is mine (not for the palate though):

  16. Eric Says:

    Simply delicious!

  17. Cherlyn Says:

    It’s 9:20am over here, I just woke up, and now I want cheesecake. I guess I know what I’m doing today! Lol. This was a really sweet poem, great job!

  18. Androgoth Says:

    The Cheesecake is Fangtastic Broken Sparkles
    and your lovely words enhance the flavour of this
    most deliciously prepared recipe… By the way one
    cannot eat cheesecake without fresh Strawberries
    and now I am totally famished :) lol Hungry too :)

    Have a lovely rest of day and a wicked evening :)

    Androgoth Xx

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