Broken sparkles

Broken sparkles

Usual, no flinch in the thick air of sin,
everything stays on place
despite dozens of arguments between
sleepy mornings and lusty nights,
nothing have moved, nothing have faded away.

Curtains still strain exhausted light,
rays of shiver coming from outside
in the remorseful beginning of winters cold.
The blanket is there to hide unreasonable fears,
your body, to defend my innocence.

Box of cereal, half- full yesterday,
half- empty today,
begging for a date with skim milk.
No chance to succeed,
I’ll throw it again
seeing it old, not All-Bran,
crunchy and brown enough.

Dark blue dress, labeled with rigor,
saying proudly:
”I’m ready, I’ll cherish your feverish skin.”
The shoes, scratched from walking
Aladdin’s cave,
cup of water to feed the violets looking pretty,
sandwich of tuna and lettuce teases hunger,
seems again to fit the routine.

Just sounds of broken sparkles,
follow as I go downstairs,
I hear the click,
loud, persisting appearance,
undressing me,
leaving me shamefully naked,
saying it’s never going to be the same.

Not my afterthought escaped to visit
another sweet embrace,
another golden prison.
Not after flicking flames of pink candles,
lit as a votive,
doesn’t show sparkling love, just
lust worth living …


After troubles with my old account, I had to make a new one.

The blog is now called

And since I already had a poem named like this, why not start with few Broken sparkles.

I hope I will still have the love of all my old visitors.

Thank you!

“Lust” by Brittany Smith

© 2011  Broken Sparkles

23 Responses to “Broken sparkles”

  1. Olivia Says:

    You have all my Love Bubble Beauty!

    You got me with this one. I read it thrice before I started to write here. I feel the intensity..!!

    Sending you Hugs

  2. dragonkatet Says:

    Sorry to hear about all the troubles with your old blog, but I’ll definitely be stopping by this one. :) This piece was so interesting in the juxtaposition of imagery and emotions. Well wrought, Blaga.

  3. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Just to let you know your comment came though. I approved it. Phew!

    Will be back tonight to read. I have my Group now.

  4. Kavita Says:

    I am glad to see you back in action with your new blog, lady!
    And this poem seems like a wistful reminder of the reason too…
    “Box of cereal, half-full yesterday,
    half- empty today,
    begging for a date with skim milk.” — these lines were very moving… it just shows the pain experienced by this person.. a longing so deep that even everyday things seems like drudgery..
    very nicely written…

  5. Cheryl Says:

    “Just lust worth living.” Beautiful and intense, B. Glad to see you back. Look forward to new road ahead with broken sparkles. :-)

  6. lizbethsgarden Says:

    I changed the link, so this blog has now been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.

  7. Jamie Dedes Says:

    What a lovely poem, Blaga, and of course you still have the love of your old friends.

    On the light side: I got such a chuckle out of the cereal wanting a date with the milk. Wonderful!

  8. deadpoet88 Says:

    Whoa, this is brilliant Bee! I absolutely love the way you’ve brought out the pain of feeling lust and not love. You’ve captured the feeling perfectly, very deep poem.

  9. danroberson Says:

    Living the moments, feeling the pleasure along with the pain, life in the balance, something to lose and everything to gain, depths of understanding and decisions to make, but not yet, joy and love filling the nights and the days, broken sparkles to remind you of life’s intriguing ways, paths not taken and the one you chose, enjoy it all as your heart grows.

  10. liv2write2day Says:

    Blaga, I’m so glad that the blogging issues are getting resolved. Welcome to your new blog and thanks for the award. Not sure when I can work it since I’m in the middle of getting ready for Poem of the Week. :0) This poem is wonderful, as is the one on Jamie’s blog. So glad she featured you, my friend. Be happy!

  11. Souliciter Says:

    Glad I read your blog, you have a gift for expression! this piece is lovely, honest and profound.

  12. Uncle Tree Says:

    Hi, Blaga!

    Your creativity took a neat idea
    to a whole ‘nother level.

    Thumbs up! Good work!
    And, congratulations! ;) Peace, UT

  13. Jingle Says:

    it is all the same, our love for you will never change.


    beautiful poem.

  14. lunawitch15 Says:

    well felt in my heart this one.

  15. Jessica Says:

    This is a good one, Blaga! I like the mix of personal feelings and observations about the food around the room. Lovely way to get this new site started!

  16. bendedspoon Says:

    ‘begging for a date with skim milk’
    everyone needs someone…
    will have a regular date with broken sparkles! :)

  17. Jingle Says:

    skim milk,

    fat free is better …perfect entry, A++

  18. fiveloaf Says:

    you did it again blaga haha! nice one! here’s my potluck..

  19. mairmusic Says:

    The images resonate wonderfully. Tell me offline if you want to be told of incorrect English, or if it is part of the whole effect.

  20. Cherlyn Says:

    I read this some time ago but it seems I forgot to comment! I suck, I know. Sorry I haven’t been around so much, still trying to catch up. Everytime I think I’m almost ready to be caught up, everyone amazes me with their posting abilities! lol I am determined to catch up though :)

    I really enjoy the imagery of this poem – I still have yet to grasp it the way you have. I love the part about cereal. It’s kind of sad sounding, even though it’s about cereal. You amaze me by making me feel sad for cereal! Great job!

  21. Pat Cegan Says:

    Somehow, I have missed your poetry. I have been unable to read as many blogs as I would love to…Internet too slow, time too full. I have remedied that last factor so hopefully can visit more. I love this poem, so many parts that it is hard to say. Certainly the part about the cereal so wistfully shares how things change. I also liked very much:
    another sweet embrace,
    another golden prison.

    It touched a core issue for me. Your poetry is lovely, strong and insisting that I return! Hugs, pat

  22. Philippa Drake Says:

    Stunning imagery as always. I love the lines about the cereal begging for a date with milk and ‘golden prison’. By the way, I forgot to mention that your comments to me on blogger are going through.

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