God on the arena

I’m only a slave in the crowd of the arena,
another mortal creature watching you fight.

I follow the shadow of dead on your skin,
the anger upon your divine face,
the sword creeping in a dangerous dance,
but I won’t let a tear out,
like every scared soul on the tribune.

God on the arena,
I will have faith in you when the blood rains on the sand,
when the blades kill with glowing spikes.
I won’t close my eyes in prayer
when the sun reflects on your shield.

I will rise to greet the final combat,
knowing you will come a victor and
I will be the one to offer you a honey wine,
a kiss that will erase the trace of blood,
the wounds from knives and enemies.


"Spartacus" by ladarkfemme on


© 2011  Broken Sparkles


45 Responses to “Spartacus”

  1. Marissa Says:

    Very nice, Blaga. I share your love of this series, my hubby and I just loved it (we got it from Netflix) when we watched it a while back. Great show! The lead actor had to step down due to illness, but they’re supposed to have new episodes soon! Can’t wait:) Lovely poem!

    • Broken Sparkles Says:

      Hi Marissa, I’m glad there is someone to share my love for the show with me. So sad about Andy Whitfield! Thank you!

      • Caribbean Fool Says:

        Season 2 just wrapped. Too short (only 6 eps) but quality remained very high. Season 3 of S:B&S will start in Jan of 2012 if current info is correct. Too right about Whitfield, though the guy cast in his place looks EXACTLY like him. Eery almost. Not sure how he is doing, last I heard things were not looking good but hopefully he is feeling better. (Oh yeah, my comment on the actual poem is below. Sorry just figured a Spartacus update would be useful!)


        • Broken Sparkles Says:

          I saw Gods of the arena too, it was great, though only 6 episodes! But still, I loved much more the first season, it was Spartacus that had my heart … They’ve chosen a new Spartacus, some guy called Liam McIntyre, I have the feeling I won’t like him … He doesn’t have that feeling of a man Andy Whitfield had. Let us see when season 3 will come out how would it be?

  2. Jessica Says:

    Oooh, Blaga, someone has a crush on sweaty, deadly men!
    I haven’t seen this programme, but I love the poem. Especially the last stanza, with the idea of you waiting for him.

  3. eliza keating Says:

    yes I thought the last stanza worked amamzingly…this could have came from another age ..another epoch..and adds to the quality of this piece..Eliza Keating

  4. Life: Between the lines Says:

    Spartacus: Bloody grrr
    Nice piece, happy Monday!

  5. magher1 Says:

    Oh yes… I also have a tendency to prefer the dark characters. Awesome idea with you put in the scene! ;)

  6. bendedspoon Says:

    ‘a kiss that will clean the trace of blood’
    Courage is written all over!

  7. Jaan Pehchaan Says:

    I liked the poem, even though “Spartacus” seems too gruesome for my palate. Still Roman history is full of these stories.

  8. Leo Says:

    romantic poem Blaga.. a confident hope for the fella even as the lady watches him battle.. very nice..!

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  9. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Bravo! You did turn it into a poem. And such a good one. You put me right in the scene. The last stanza is a stunner. Well done, Blaga.

    I will have to check out the series at some point. I’m sure it’s not all bloody.

    I just love that illustration. What a fine selection and such a fine artists. The picture is intense.

    Thanks for another goodie, Blaga. Have a wonderful week.


    • Broken Sparkles Says:

      Thank you Jamie, glad that you liked it!

      The show is not all bloody and once you get absorbed in the story, you might even ignore the chopped heads :)

      Wonderful week to you too, thanks for the cat video mail.


  10. honeyhaiku Says:

    Wonderful. I love the subject matter.

  11. Jingle Says:

    what a courage, unique and lovely wriitng..

    hope you well.

  12. seabell Says:

    The slave watches her idol, a truly freedom fighter… Nice evocative poem!

  13. Teri C Says:

    Beautiful visual and emotional words.

  14. kolembo Says:

    Oh my, so majestic! Full of Grand Sound and Image! Glorious…and I find it very erotic. The photo at least. Hmmm…I wonder what that means…

  15. dasuntoucha Says:

    Captivating post…felt.

  16. fiveloaf Says:

    you are certainly good in this blaga! thank you for sharing this! my late potluck haha-

  17. Kavita Says:

    Oooohh…I enjoyed the raw intensity AND the delicate tenderness in this one, Blaga…
    Love and courage can overcome many a barrier indeed…
    Oh..and am drooooooling over the WOW sketch… teeheheh… A great choice to go with your fine words here!!

  18. ladynimue Says:

    I watcghed this series on and off ! and every time i was touched by the powerful emotions that were portrayed !

    Spell bounding show and you wrote an equally magnifeciant poem :)

  19. dramastrois Says:

    u love spartacus! but so do i!
    i think its fascinating how u depicted the god in the arena imagery to the actual show. Very good descriptions.

  20. Caribbean Fool Says:

    OK, I’ve been wondering about the overall process involved in taking the dramatic nature of the show into a poem; I like how you put the focus on the main themes of the show while using your own vision to give depth rather than a simple explanation. Powerful imagery as mentioned above; I can’t help but wonder how I would read the poem had I not seen the show, but I suppose that is just one of those impossible to know kind of things. Anyhow, congrats on the new blog but sucks that your other account got fucked up. Found the poem most enjoyable; looking forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeve.

    Glad ya dug the show! Did you watch Gods of the Arena yet? Hope all is well, or as close an approximation as can be. Take it easy,


    • Broken Sparkles Says:

      Compared to the effect watching the show, I am not really content with this poem, I believe there is a better way to show it all.
      But I guess I’m still under the spell of the actors and the story, maybe in a while I’ll come back and try see it from a different point of view.
      Thanks for liking it though … that means a lot! And I guess I owe you another thanks for leading me to the show.
      As for the blog .. shit happens, I kind of like the new name better :)
      Will be at your place to read your last creations later on!
      Take care!

  21. Beatriz Suarez « Broken Sparkles Says:

    […] even have words to describe what I liked about it, but when I got back to normal I wrote “God on the arena” and browsing deviantart to find matching image for my words, I found Bea’s illustration of […]

  22. Cherlyn Says:

    A wonderful poem, which goes great with your review of Spartacus Blood and Sand. This poem was powerful, and even though I haven’t seen the show, I think it does it justice :) Also, I wanted to say, that I like the new name of your blog, it suits it somehow :)

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