Spartacus – blood and sand

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.

They must be felt within the heart.”

~Helen Keller

It takes a lot something, someone to really impress me and to stand in awe, to loose myself in thoughts and wonders. But once in a while happens and the feeling of being touched has no match to any other feelings. Recently, a friend recommended a TV show called “Spartacus-blood and sand”, but it was just aired on USA Starz channel and I couldn’t find online link to watch the show, so I just forgot about it. A week ago, another friend mentioned the show and I tried finding it again and this time with success.

I saw the 13 episodes from season 1 for 2,5 days. I don’t remember when was the last time when I was absorbed that much in a show. “Lost” and “Prison break” had my attention, but not the kind of attention that will make me skip dinner or switch my phones off so I won’t be disturbed in the middle of an episode.“Spartacus- blood and sand” made me feel, made me think I’ve opened a door I shouldn’t have.

And when the end of the series came, I sat on the couch quiet for hours, thinking, what I’m going to do with my life now? And I must say, I’m still in this same trance, half- conscious state of mind. It will probably take a while to watch another movie or TV show, as and everything I’ve written for the past few days seems so plain and not worth sharing, compared to the effect Spartacus had on me. I decided to make a post about the show and get rid off the feelings and the thoughts, so maybe tomorrow I won’t find the world boring and gray again and I will be back to normal, enjoying the beauty of simple life. Enjoy!

Let’s start with the trailer, where I have to say, the show contains rather violent scenes, I personally don’t mind the violence in movies, though here, there were few times I had to turn my eyes away from the screen. Some might find the content of few scenes offensive and inappropriate, but I think, the makers presented the scent of the Roman empire very correct and with vivid success.

Series Directed byMichael Hurst, Rick Jacobson, Jesse Warn

Series Writing creditsSteven S. DeKnight, Brent Fletcher, Aaron Helbing, Todd Helbing, Miranda Kwok, Daniel Knauf

Series Produced bySam Raimi, Robert G. Tapert, Joshua Donen

Series Original Music byJoseph LoDuca

I’m sorry I can’t post all names of the people that worked hard to create the show, the editors, the casting, the make-up, the costumes-design, the art decoration … special effects etc., their work as a team made the brilliant result, for the rest of the crew, link HERE.

I’d like to say WELL DONE to everyone, you certainly have the Oscar, the Golden Globe and the Emmy award of my heart.

History facts– little is known with certainty about Spartacus. An accomplished, Thracian military leader, captured by the Romans and condemned to slavery. Trained at a gladiatorial school in Capua/ Italy/, where among a group of gladiators, organized an escape and fought a way to freedom. Other facts may not always be reliable to history, which gives the chance to film- makers to be creative with the scripts of movies and shows. In “Spartacus – blood and sand”, I personally liked the way the writers handled the history facts and the intriguing story to seize the attention of the audience.

Series Cast

Andy Whitfield – Spartacus

Andy Whitfield /Spartacus/ – Separated from his wife Sura and sent as a slave in the gladiator’s house of Batiatus , fighting to prove his abilities, his place among the other gladiators, when the only reason to keep him going is the love for his wife, made Spartacus hero of my soul. Not only I sympathize the actor and his charm, but and the way he performed his role. The look in his eyes, the patience, the emotions hidden behind the fearless face, I wish there was a way to touch even a “pale shadow” of a man like this.

John Hannah – Batiatus

John Hannah / Batiatus/ – Never managed to reach the approval of his father, for his actions, Batiatus is ready to do anything to have glory over his gladiators house. To kill, to betray, to sell in the name of power, makes the TV character rather unpleasant. There were few times I wanted to strangle him with my own hands, for causing pain, for being the devil himself. But that only speaks about the perfect acting John Hannah performs. Brilliant actor in my eyes!

Lucy Lawless – Lucretia

Lucy Lawless /Lucretia/– wife of Batiatus, one of the memorable ladies in the show, always by the side of her husband. Not afraid to follow the ambitions of a Roman woman and wife, ready to make a sacrifice or two in the name of power, even if her actions appear cruel.

Erin Cummings – Sura

Erin Cummings /Sura/ – Thracian wife of Spartacus, once separated from him by the Romans and enslaved, never to be reunited, communicating in their thoughts and dreams. Sura is the embodiment of everything Spartacus fights for.

Manu Bennett / Crixus/ – Champion of Capua, before Spartacus arrives at the house of Batiatus. To keep the title is not an easy task. Crixus tries to teach Spartacus what being a gladiator is, sometimes in a rather nasty way, but on the end Spartacus is the one to teach him a lesson about life, love and respect for others. What I liked the most in the character of Crixus is that despite the brutality on the arena, he found love and tenderness for Naevia, innocent girl, Lucretia’s body slave.

Lesley-Ann Brandt / Naevia/ – Crixus’ passionate love, just starting to understand the secrets of being a  woman, learning that the position of a female slave is a delicate one.

Crixus and Naevia

Crixus and Naevia










Craig Parker / Claudius Glaber/– The Roman commander of a legion, driven mostly by his ambition for political advantage. Glaber blames Spartacus for his failed military skills in battles, he is the one to capture Spartacus and wishes to see him die in the arena, a reason the Thracian gladiator to find himself in the house of Batiatus.

Viva Bianca / Ilithyia/ – Spoiled, selfish wife of Claudius Glaber. Playing with lives and destinies of people out of boredom. Amused and certain in her mission to ruin Spartacus, yet, I hope in season 2 there will be a lesson for her and her husband, one to hold for centuries.

Glaber and Ilithyia











Peter Mensah /Doctore/ – Doctore Oenomaus, one of the best gladiators at the House of Batiatus, survived a fight with the legendary Theokoles. After that trainer of the gladiators, when Batiatus didn’t let him return to the arena. Powerful presence indeed!

Katrina Law / Mira/– one of Lucretia’s obedient slaves with a fierce personality. She obeys the wishes of Lucretia without questions, she seems to accept her life as a slave, but helps Spartacus with the escape. In my opinion, because she has feelings for him. But we don’t know for sure if she really existed back then, and if she could’ve been a reason Spartacus to heal himself after the death of his wife Sura. Either way, I liked Mira very much.

Mira and Spartacus


There will be season 2 in 2012, but I found out that Andy Whitfield /Spartacus/ won’t be in it because of his illness, he fights cancer and it was gone for a while, but the internet information says the cancer is back and they’ve already chosen another Spartacus. The show in general is great, everyone plays their roles perfect, but to me Spartacus in Andy Whitfield’s face was the finishing touch of the feelings this show triggered inside of me. I hope the actor will be well and find the power to get over this hard moment. I highly recommend to all of you stopping by here to see “Spartacus blood and sand” and enjoy it again and for me …


I don’t hold rights over any of the images in this post or the youtube video, I’ve used Google to search for the photos and most of them have the Starz sign.

Thank you for reading and being with me … wishing you a lovely Sunday.

© 2011 Broken Sparkles

12 Responses to “Spartacus – blood and sand”

  1. Jingle Says:

    it seems like awesome collection of movies..
    well done.
    Happy Sunday.

  2. Jamie Dedes Says:

    First, wonderful quote from Helen Keller. She is one of my heros. Thanks for using it and reminding me.

    You really were taken with this show. Wow! I found that period of time quite engaging. The original 1960 film by Kubrick was tame in comparison to the real events of Roman time, though I loved the film when I was young.

    Statue of Sparticus in Italy

    I have it in a book. Quite striking.

    Well written piece and enjoyed much the layout and the supporting information you included. Visually appeals.

    I relate to the kind of feeling you are talking about. It happens for me more with books than film though, like living in another world and then waking up back here. And here seems more unreal than the fantasy. Amazing twist of the mind. Maybe you’ll get a poem out of it.

    Well, hope that you had a nice dinner and restful evening. Work tomorrow.


    • Broken Sparkles Says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post Jamie! From all movies made for Spartacus, this is my favorite, though I like them all because the history part with Spartacus appeals to me! Have a good night Sunday!

  3. liv2write2day Says:

    Powerful poem and I’m so glad you spelled out the backstory for us. I’ve heard of Spartacus forever but somehow never saw it or read it. Now you’ve roused my curiousity. Thanks, Blaga.

  4. fiveloaf Says:

    this is most beautiful- the blog, the arrangement, the color- i am going to add you into my blogroll. feel free to add me blaga haha!

  5. Cherlyn Says:

    First off, I’d like to say that this is a very well written review, thank you for sharing!

    Secondly, I am very sorry for the late comment on this – I’ve finally managed to get through a lot of my backlog of posts to catch up on, and now they’re more manageable.

    I’m not sure if this aired on any of the channels I get, but it looks really interesting, it probably aired on HBO over here. The violence doesn’t bother me, but I’ve always been uncomfortable with sex in films and tv – I can be sucha prude! It definitely looks like a good watch though. To me it looked like a cross between the film 300 and Gladiator, which I would find pretty entertaining.

    I adore that John Hannah is in this though, I love him, and I’m very glad he’s getting really big roles like this. I was surprised that was Lucy Lawless, she is looking amazing! I barely recognized her without the Xena outfit.

    Thanks for sharing Blaga, if I get a chance I’d love to see it :)

    • Broken Sparkles Says:

      I’m still very impressed by that show. I like to watch it second time, but I’m still under the spell of the first time and I keep my distance … Thanks Cherlyn!

  6. ThatPoppyGirl Says:

    Wonderful show as well I agree.
    I recently came to watch it online and can think of nothing else now!
    I hate that we have to wait so long for the second season!!!

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