Couple of minutes to midnight,
I sigh helplessly and fold the day in moments of life,
label it in pink and write on it “Expired”.

Another cold and long winter almost gone,
to be left behind and faraway,
summer will be here to breathe, to embrace.

One more “probably love” gone and
someone’s lonely heart broken,
but a dream maybe is on its way to come true …

A booked trip, expected with excitement.
Pale hope, but still hope, shading the eyes in green.
The wish of rain falling down and stars on the sky.

Laugh and tears, pain and sweetness,
secrets, friends, joy, family … I have them all here!
Just you, I don’t have you, but who knows, maybe tomorrow…


Image RedSheep Photography


© 2011  Broken Sparkles


44 Responses to “Tomorrow”

  1. Jingle Says:

    love it,

    despite uncertainty, hope is on the way.

    perfect entry, thanks for sharing.

  2. bendedspoon Says:

    The dream of tomorrow…This is so beautiful! :)

  3. Life: Between the lines Says:

    Hope…I read hope. Sometimes we yearn for something for so long and it is so close to the touch, despite all uncertainty we have to take the plunge. The devil is in the details….

    Happy rally!!!

  4. JL Dodge Says:

    What a wonderful entry to the Rally !

  5. athursdayschild has a long way to go and much to be thankful for. Says:

    I love your phrase “fold the day in moments of life.”

  6. Chimnese Says:

    you have a way with words that leaves the reader wanting more..excellent…

  7. NcMerci Says:

    I can relate. I have my family and friends that I love but there is still someone missing from the picture. Love it!

  8. JamieDedes Says:

    I like the clever, bittersweet way you close out the day and the bittersweet breath of summer on its way without the special someone but with a hint of expectation. Maybe a promise. Maybe!

    Poignant. Wistful. Nicely written.

    Congrats on the award, my friend. Wonderful! Hard earned and well deserved. Hugs!

  9. Ashley Says:

    Love the heart broken and the hope that came along. The pain just let us appreciate the sweetness/happiness more. Keep on writing. :)

  10. Cherlyn Says:

    For some reason this made me think of Gone with the Wind. Lol I’m weird.

    This was really beautiful. I enjoy how it was hopeful rather than completely bittersweet. Sometimes its easy to be burdened with a broken heart, it really shows strength in a person’s character to still have hope. Great job!

  11. Tom Baker Says:

    Amazing Blaga! New days always bring hope of a new beginning. The you in just don’t have you will come in due time. No need to rush the inevitable!

    By the way, I read another post with family photos and I must say you look so much like your mother!

  12. Olivia Says:

    Did I sniff romance again?
    This was very eloquently woven.. flowing beautifully- just rightly said- “maybe tomorrow”

    Wishing you a looooong and bright summers

  13. dan Says:

    We’ll start tomorrow with hope in our hearts, smiles on our faces, a new slate with new expectations, following the roads less traveled. Cheers!

  14. fiveloaf Says:

    theres a certain perfection here that screams WOW! and i really like this very trained immaculate new style of writing blaga..

  15. Monica Says:

    I love this poem – it’s a perfect spring offering. The hopeful opening up after the closing down of winter, expressed so beautifully, Blaga.

  16. mstevensson Says:

    Very sad and beautiful. So much passion and promise. Very well done!

  17. debi Says:

    Some sad words, but the gracious thankfulness overshadows all. Very nicely said.

  18. Dag Travner Says:

    WOW! Very nice story put beautifully into words :) Awesome <3

  19. rob Says:

    “I sigh helplessly and fold the day in moments of life,

    label it in pink and write on it “Expired” i do this…only i’ve found, it’s best to label glass wear, ‘gin’ and run them through the dishwasher, for later use.

  20. lindsaywallerwilkinson Says:

    One more ‘probably’ love gone… lovely phrase. Thank you

  21. eclipseofthemoon Says:

    …beautiful, so emotive, a lot can be told with very simple words.

  22. RiikaInfinityy 마왕 Says:

    I am looking forward, I guess :D

  23. Dishilicious Says:

    wow! i love this. so close to the heart. so eagerly waiting for that tomorrow….

  24. myvoiceawoken Says:

    Amazing talent you have, thank you for sharing. I was drawn in by your words, it exuded such emotion..well done!

  25. A.B. Thomas Says:

    Beautifully done!

  26. gazingatnavels Says:

    “Pale hope, but still hope, shading the eyes in green.”
    This line resonated with me the most. Nicely done.
    HOPE, in general, isn’t given enough attention and credit that I think it deserves; hope is just as powerful as love, in my opinion.

  27. Laurie Kolp Says:

    Exquisite work… and congratulations!

  28. dragonkatet Says:

    Ah, the bitter-sweetness oozes from this! Yet, with the pain, there is also hope. The whole reason it was the last thing in Pandora’s Box. ;) Keep hoping, my friend. All will be well.

  29. mattsmithis Says:

    “I sigh helplessly and fold the day in moments of life.” Yeah, that could describe just about half my life. Beautifully worded.

  30. deadpoet88 Says:

    My goodness Bee! This is so beautiful, so sad yet so hopeful. Like things don’t always work out, but there is always that flicker of hope. I love it! It made me smile to see the positivity shining through the dark clouds. :)


    there is always tomorrow
    so hope lives on… beautiful sentiments Blaga. Hope you are doing OK. and spreading your fragrance of your friendship around as always.

  32. short poems Says:

    “fold the day in moments of life.” Nice one :)

  33. Silvertongue Says:

    There is indeed a tinge of sadness as every day dies out but the hope of tomorrow is eternal. I love your work :)

  34. Novroz Says:

    Beautiful poem. I wish I could write a poem. Making words in rhyme is really difficult

  35. Ina Says:

    very good poem, full of hope! :)

  36. frayedges Says:

    How many times have I thought- maybe tomorrow.

  37. Jaan Pehchaan Says:

    Beautiful! – I can almost empathize with

    “but a dream maybe is on its way to come true …
    A booked trip, expected with excitement.”

  38. The Reason You Come Says:

    Oh, this is bittersweet. But there’s hope in the end. You’re right; who knows what tomorrow will bring?

    I love the first stanza:
    “Couple of minutes to midnight,
    I sigh helplessly and fold the day in moments of life,
    label it in pink and write on it “Expired”.”

    Love the idea of wrapping up the day by labeling it “Expired”!

  39. The Reason You Come Says:

    Oh, and congrats on the award! It’s very well-deserved! :)

  40. ladynimue Says:

    Very subtle in the imagery but yet it leaves you longing … sigh !

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