Un dulce pecado mortal

Un dulce pecado mortal

/Sweet mortal sin/

Last day of my Puerto Rican
vacation, how do I leave the sun?
Last night of custard apples heat
and extra cubes of summer snow.
I was looking for an ice tea, instead
the purple of my dress melted
“Ven, baila conmigo” – his voice I met.

Two hands of caress and
the pulse of the drums on the street.
Moving feet and bodies to salsa,
leaking rhythm and the eyes of a beholder.
Into the crowded darkness he whispers
“Tu eres como un dulce pecado mortal” and I sigh.

Charged skin with imagination,
my mind engaged in infusion.
Exploring, searching for more and more.
Un espejismo sexual, how do I leave tomorrow?
Innocent girl before the dance.
Woman in his entwines and my heart whirls,
Cariño, es lo que doy, te llevo en mi corazón.


Custard apple – exotic fruit, called Corazon in Puerto rico/ or bulls’ heart/

Ven, baila conmigo – Come, dance with me

Tu eres como un dulce pecado mortal – You are like a sweet mortal sin

Un espejismo sexual – Sexual mirage

Cariño, es lo que doy, te llevo en mi corazón Honey is what I give, you are in my heart


Inspired by Juramento- Ricky Martin

Don’t ever let me go to Puerto Rico or listen to Spanish music from now on …


"Salsa" by gregd photography on deviantart.com


© 2011  Broken Sparkles


I remain

I remain

how brave you stand
illusions over illusions
no dragon can win
the starry dust
in your eyes
i dare you
keep me asleep
if you can

butterflies of time
let them dry the tears
ashes of ancient myths
let them whisper secrets
i dream to know you
hopeful i remain

how weak the sun
rises next to me
no mortal charm
can erase the flame
the pearls of a kiss
you chase me
through the wind
i hate to be awake

colors of the sea
let them wash the salt
thorns of beauty
let them crumble the pain
i save your scent
calm i remain

until there is the rain …


Inspired by “I remain”- Alanis Morissette

"Sparks of passion" by kfc79 on deviantart.com

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No, I should not …


Lust is what makes you keep wanting it, even when you have no desire to be with each other. Love is what makes you keep wanting to be with each other, even when you have no desire to do it.”
~ Judith Viorst


Blaga Dimitrova - image courtesy http://www.public-republic.net

Blaga Dimitrova/ 1922- 2003/

Bulgarian poetess and Vice President of Bulgaria from 1992 until 1993. Collection of published 15 books of poetry and 8 novels, several essays and plays. Translated into more than 20 languages.



Day and night

by Blaga Dimitrova

At dawn when I recognize

submerging in sunrise the ridge

yet the first thought is this

that I should not be thinking of you


Throughout the day treacherous

the thought is stalking me wherever I go

and whatever I do there is a reminder

that I should not be thinking of you


And when the night is looming

and every pain in the dreams lies swept

I can not sleep and still think

that I should not be thinking of you




I don’t know why I remembered this poem yesterday, actually I know but is not important at this particular moment … It was written/ in Bulgarian/ on most of my notebooks in high-schiool. And when I found this video of the poem with the music/ posted on youtube by / I decided to translate it and share it. I hope the translation is good enough. Reading it in Bulgarian and in English it does have a different feel … but either way I love this poem and the poetess, after all we have the same name … I hope the same success …


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