Sci-fi world

To become a human

On a planet X, Martian girl- tourist, dressed in stardust and silk,
waits on a queue and speaks to her personal Moon.
“The hours on the waiting line are worth” – she says,
and step after step, to the emerald salesman she moves.
With the speed of the light it was supposed to be,
but alas, time froze, the orbits were on strike again.
She thought of astronauts, she prayed for iron rain,
she dreamed of umbrellas that will hide her antenna
and when she finally reached the counter,
her nikon eyes, her smile in innocent tungsten, crossing gigabites,
faced the solar robot, selling all kind of artificial goods:
“One ticket to the Earth please and advice how can I fit in a human outfit?


“Miss Martian Digital Dream Girl” by Jason Canty on


© 2011  Broken Sparkles

30 Responses to “Sci-fi world”

  1. Paulo Guimaraes Says:

    Real cool and metallic! Scifi poetry is off the planet!

  2. Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) Says:

    You painted a vivid pic of e mind from ‘non-human’ world… Excellent take!!! :)

    Thanks for dropping by… *HUG*

  3. souldipper Says:

    Very very creative. Great use of Tech-Talk! Well done.

  4. bendedspoon Says:

    Wow! Finally they are meeting the strangest creature in the universe! :)

  5. Jessica Says:

    This is good fun! I like the last couple of lines especially. A nice light touch here, girl!

  6. fiveloaf Says:

    very cute blaga haha! so fun! and hey, thank you for your vote! here’s my potluck..

  7. dragonkatet Says:

    My favorite line: “but alas, time froze, the orbits were on strike again.” This was so full of whimsy and I loved the tech jargon!! A case of the planet looking greener on the other side? lol :)

  8. Artswebshow Says:

    Give her a bikini and a pole. ha ha ha
    Seriously, great poem Blaga

  9. thingy Says:

    I loved it! : )

  10. Reggie Says:

    A lot of Sci-fi goodies in this…very nice

  11. Aleza Says:

    Oooh fantastic, like a sci-fi version of the little mermaid. You really made me side with your heroine and feel her desire to be human. I also love your descriptions and images. I have to say, if I had a personal moon, I’m not sure I would want to leave Planet X.

  12. Jingle Says:

    delicious…you know the theme very well…



  13. liv2write2day Says:

    This is so fun, Blaga. Love the part about fitting into a human outfit…not so fictional!

  14. Eric 'Bubba' Alder Says:

    I think I met that girl once. LOL!

  15. southwindtrails Says:

    I liked this, it was different from some of your usual poems. Very techy and shiny, it was also fun and fresh. Great work:)

  16. Ms. Peaches Says:

    wonderful piece I love your take on the theme thanks for sharing my dear!

  17. kshawnedgar Says:

    Nikon eyes! That’s really good. I’d like to travel with this Martian girl, even through the iron rain. There’s a few glimmerings of William Gibson here.

  18. Reflections Says:

    Love the metallic edge, computerized movements travel, with Nikon eyes. Wow! Intriguing piece.

  19. Olivia Says:

    Super- Likey Bubble.. lolssss
    I am actually rolling over laughing out reading this one! Some imagination lady.. :D
    Wonderfully written.. :)

    Love xox

  20. seabell Says:

    “To become a human” is my favorite from you. It has an irresistible simplicity and playfulness. I am glad it was you introducing me to JP…

  21. deadpoet88 Says:

    This is a great poem, she’ll have to try hard to be human! Very fun poem!

  22. ladynimue Says:

    this was fun to read !

  23. Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved Says:

    Sometimes I feel like a green lady from outer space. Blaga, this is fun and I love the photo too. Well done. I loved “her nikon eyes, her smile in innocent tungsten, crossing gigabites” – Clever! :-)

    Quiet at your end of the world. Hope you are just busy and nothing bad. Will email you later today on work on Egypt and other stuff.

    Have a pleasant evening. I hope you are not stuck somewhere because of the strikes.


  24. Kavita Says:

    Woowwww! What amazing imagination you’ve got, girl!! Loved this one!
    And while we are devising methods to get to other planets, guys from there wanna come here… (sigh)… thank goodness it’s mutual! hehehe

  25. Luke Prater Says:

    great use of the theme… fine PotLuck Blaga. You gonna enter our March Creative Challenge?

    Warmest Salad

    Luke x

  26. Monica Says:

    Wonderful in every way! I love it.

  27. Cherlyn Says:

    Teehee I loved it! Sci-fi and me are tight man, I love Sci-Fi. You really did a great job creating the world for this character, I just loved this poem. Great job!

  28. TC Says:

    wow,very nice! as usual you deliver with such wonderful poetry. well done!

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