Walk away

Walk away

When the night leaves salty trace in the ocean,
when the silver moon requests a kiss from the stars,
don’t wait to see if I will close my eyes next to you,
listen to me for once and walk away.

When the reasons melt under the pressure of my lips,
when the streets lead to nowhere else, but me,
don’t raise your hope, don’t be blind because of love,
admit that I am right and walk away.

Walk away, before we’re both sorry
for the demons that possessed us and left us unrest.
Walk away and don’t turn back, because if I walk away first,
your shadow will remain forever trapped in the moment when we met.


"Walk away" by wusk on deviantart.com


© 2011  Broken Sparkles

12 Responses to “Walk away”

  1. magher1 Says:

    Sad and romantic… Love the emotions. So true – it’s just sometimes better to part at the beginning and avoid being hurt.

  2. Queenmothermamaw Says:

    There is many a person who wishes they had been wise enough to say that in this old world to the wrong one. Thank goodness I did not say that to the right one. Quite profound.

  3. liv2write2day Says:

    The first two lines led me to believe I was going to enter a happily-ever-after world. Surprise! So realistic and well-written, Blaga. I’m so glad you were not predictable.

  4. genie dragon Says:

    Wise words put together poetically; well done, Blaga!
    Deep too.
    Super poem!

    I’m back at wordpress and posterous, I found out that posterous has “auto-post” to wordpress, blogspot, facebook, livejournal, etc…
    So, I had to set up a new wordpress account because my other one is deleted. I like being Genie Dragon better anyway! lol
    I’m a dragon lady so it suits me!
    An angel too, so what the heck, I could have gone with Angela Genie Dragon but it seemed to long.

    My addy at posterous is now: http://geniedragon.posterous.com/

    But, everything I post there will automatically be posted on wordpress too. How cool is that!

  5. Olivia Says:

    All well Blaga?
    This one’s like a disturbed heart bringing about a cold storm, with no sunlight and raining together for days!
    Alas! That’s how it goes. Then again, if you have realized that it has to be left, very well then. You are saving a bigger heart break.. :)

    Love xxx

  6. tOuCh Says:

    Like this Blaga, strong emotions I really like the last line.
    Thanks for Sharing

  7. Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved Says:

    So often people say a poem is “powerful” that it always seems just this side of meaningless to say this. However, this one is powerful, Blaga, and achingly realistic. One wonders if there is a story behind the story or is whitnessing human nature enough.

    I like that there is not hint in the opening of the end and the last two lines are at once exquisitly beautiful and exquisitly painful.

    Altogether wonderful. Thank you!

  8. Jingle Says:

    Walk away, before we’re both sorry

    for the demons that possessed us and left us unrest…

    deep and wise lines..well done..
    Happy Sunday!

  9. mstevensson Says:

    This piece is very sad and gives a sense of longing for something that can never be. One is taking the stronger ground but only because if the other doesn’t they will fall together into the problems of life. Wonderful tale.

  10. deadpoet88 Says:

    The last stanza sent shivers down my spine! I really really like this one, very dark in a way, and kind of sad. Sometimes we need to know when to walk away.

  11. ladynimue Says:

    I know wish i had walked away from the moment of temptation …

  12. Cherlyn Says:

    Wow, this was just amazing. Very beautifully written, I love all of it, I can’t pick a favourite line. Temptation is our greatest foe indeed. Great work!

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