Why wasn’t I in Belfast?
And since when Cinderella
throws her shoe into a spam box?

Who left the post office closed?
And how come I feel, you jinxed
my powers when you left?

How loud the scream
of a dead sea serpent can be?
Is it spoken truth or blue dreams?

Is there a detergent for the mess?
If I ever figure out the math,
will I be back to a normal track?



“Questions” by Reckless Chaos on


© 2011  Broken Sparkles


16 Responses to “Questions”

  1. Life: Between the lines Says:

    It made sense to me :) So many questions within different realm and matters/thoughts. You placed them just right “like detergent for the mess” that can be mental or not lol…I like, different style for you :)

  2. Cheryl Says:

    Sometimes things we think don’t make sense are the very things that do, B. I thought it made perfect sense. Somehow things work themselves out though and yes, you will be back on track. :-)

    Peace and love, my friend.

  3. Kavita Says:

    Ack… I hear ya, Blaga!! When the mind’s going bonkers, nothing seems to add up.. and all we have are questions and more questions!! It’s only AFTER things have cleared up, that we begin to wonder about our own sanity..that why in the world did we ask those question in the first place!!
    It’s funny how uncertainty takes its toll on us.. no?

    Very well expressed, my dear!! Could totally relate to this one… whew!! LOVED the “detergent” bit.. too good!

  4. Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved Says:

    Art reflects life … and so it is: doesn’t always make sense, but always entirely sensibile.

    Glad you are back to writing. We need our Blaga “fix.” :-)

    Will check back later for another poem.

    Peace and Hugs!

  5. genie dragon Says:

    Love the metaphors, they work great in the poem.
    Very creative.

    • genie dragon Says:

      Hi Blaga, I’m fine, I turned off comments because I don’t want to be on the computer much.
      Because… I want to live in real life, not on the computer or watch much TV, hardly any, in fact, other than watch Al Jazeera to catch up on the news, even then – headlines only once a day.

  6. Jingle Says:

    smart one,

    your blog is a blissful place to be…
    keep up the unbeatable poetry.

  7. Sam Says:

    “Detergent for the mess…” I need one please…:-)

  8. Eric 'Bubba' Alder Says:

    Did I like this? Should I say yes?

  9. deadpoet88 Says:

    Ah so many questions! Great poem, and fun too!

  10. ladynimue Says:

    Interesting questions which took a serious note by the end .. i liked this !

  11. The Reason You Come Says:

    Love this! I have a lot of unanswered questions, too. When I read the first line, I asked myself, “And why am I not in San Francisco yet?” (Long story) These two lines are especially beautiful and raw:
    “And how come I feel, you jinxed
    my powers when you left?”

  12. Promising Poets Parking Lot Says:

    love these wonders…

    superb delivery.

  13. Cherlyn Says:

    Sorry for the late comment! Finally i can get back on track with everyone’s posts!

    This really made a lot of sense to me, at least I could relate to it. Most of the time my mind is just chattering away with unanswered questions, always wondering “Why”. A really different style for you, I like it though!

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