Just a woman

Just a woman

I wish I could be the sun, to shine over
planets of miracles and understanding.
I wish I was the ocean, to bridge over
difficulties, to make sadness turn into a foam.

To be a wave crashing the brown of the rocks,
leaving no sign from the salt in the water.
To be a storm, destroying everything,
keeping me apart from dreams and beauty.

I want to feel like a flower in the forest,
like a puff of freedom brought by the wind,
like rain kissing the grass in a boundless land.
But after all, I remain just a woman …


"Digital me" by Brittany Smith


© 2011  Broken Sparkles


48 Responses to “Just a woman”

  1. Jingle Says:

    that’s super lovely wishes,
    Glad to see you so well prepared.

    stay in sunshine and smile!

  2. angelagenie Says:

    Perfect description of yourself.
    Humility, is part of being “just a woman”, we don’t give away our secrets!
    You are infinite-consciousness/love …. dressed up as “just a woman”.

  3. Olivia Says:

    As beautiful as you are.. :) xx

  4. Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved Says:

    …and after all, being “just a woman” is enough …

    Well done, Blaga. A poem to which one can fully relate. And what a lovely photograph of you. I love it …

    Have a wonderful Tuesday …

  5. Artswebshow Says:

    I really enjoyed reading the interview.
    It great hearing about what inspires people to do what they do.
    An excellent poem from you too.
    In fact and all round enjoyable post

  6. Cheryl Says:

    A poem that fits your loveliness. I enjoyed the poem and the pic is a beautiful touch. “A puff of freedom brought by the wind” is a beautiful thought.

  7. Cherlyn Says:

    Beautiful as always Blaga, you have such a wonderful way with words. I wish I was a lot of things too, but I’m glad to be “just a woman” as well ;)

  8. ladynimue Says:

    And that my dear is more lovelier than all said !!

  9. Mike Patrick Says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. In the first stanza I found enough prompts for a dozen poems, and the last line brought it all home. Excellent.

  10. Vishwas Anand Says:

    Wonderful flow and style! Great job!

  11. aynsley7 Says:

    Everyone does expect more, don’t they?
    I think everyone is wondering why everyone else thinks they are bigger than they are
    Don’t be ashamed to be who you are, it is OK if you are nothing more. What you are is beautiful and amazing

  12. robin ellen lucas Says:

    “I want to feel like a flower in the forest,
    like a puff of freedom brought by the wind,”.. .me too :)

  13. dragonkatet Says:

    I love the feminine images in this! And “just a woman” is PLENTY! ;)

  14. bendedspoon Says:

    Love the poem, woman! :)

  15. fiveloaf Says:

    you did well blaga my friend.. here’s mine for week 38.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/09/30/i-cant-hold-it/

  16. Scotia Nightpoetry Says:

    Ah, dreams and wishes – just what beautiful people are made of..
    – Brian.

  17. Chimnese Says:

    perfect words..just a woman..i believe we as women are the most special creatures God has ever created..

    my Poet Rally link : http://mypoetrywriting.blogspot.com/2011/02/wait-we-waited-for-this-day-to-have.html

  18. tigerbrite Says:

    I really enjoyed this, thank you Blaga ;)

  19. Sam Says:

    A beautiful and expressive poem…

  20. tOuCh Says:

    Not “just” a woman with all you describe and feel you are a phenomenal woman.

  21. Life: Between the lines Says:

    so many wishes, but being a woman ain’t that bad :p lol
    nice as usual :)

  22. Gwenyth Says:

    Anything but ‘just’, you are a poet

  23. The Lonely Recluse Says:

    Beautiful words, great imagery. To be “just a woman” is to be more that just anything, all people are individuals, all people are special, all people are not “just this” or “just that”, the “just” implies ordinary but as individuals we are extraordinary. We are fearfully and wonderfully made (or fearful wonderful accidents [sorry I find that hard to believe]). But never claim to be “just” as one person’s life is the most important thing there is to another.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  24. Marissa Says:

    So Lovely! I especially like the “puff of wind” nice!!


  25. David (1MereMortal) Says:

    Wow…an incredible poem…such poignant imagery.

  26. Reggie Says:

    Oh no my dear…not just a woman…beautiful.
    Very nice read.

  27. Shashi Says:

    Its so beautiful… I enjoyed the last para a lot.. very powerful ending…
    ‘I want to feel like a flower in the forest,
    like a puff of freedom brought by the wind,
    like rain kissing the grass in a boundless land.
    But after all, I remain just a woman …’
    Thanks for sharing…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  28. belfastdavid Says:

    Never mind all those other things
    All I want is “just a woman” :)


  29. tasithoughts Says:

    Your poem only shows you are more powerful as a woman than all of it… Great poem!



  30. brain of betty Says:

    I think all those elements of nature secretly wish to be you too! :) though we feel we have less power, less majesty… very nice poem.


    so lovely Blaga. just awesome and your digital pic is lovely beyond words

  32. deadpoet88 Says:

    Excellent imagery, and a wonderful poem. I think we all feel that way, but you know being a woman is very powerful too. I think we can all relate to this one. Great entry for the rally!

  33. Paulo Guimaraes Says:

    beautiful, this shows you transforming into more that being!

  34. A.B. Thomas Says:

    Excellent write!

  35. Someone is Special Says:

    beautiful wishes.. just a woman.. Wow..

    Someone is Special

  36. Tweety Says:

    yet such a beautiful one…with a wonderful soul…lovely..

  37. danroberson Says:

    Sun, wave, flower? Just a woman? You are so complex, Blaga, and just a woman. Beautiful poem as always.

  38. LeiffyV Says:

    *raises eye brow* Just a woman, eh? You know as well as I do you have far more power than the sun or the ocean or anything else. Great work, thanks for sharing!

  39. scottf Says:

    hmmmm no such thing to me as “just” a woman :-)

    what a really beautiful piece you’ve created, enjoyed reading your dreams, images so real

  40. Caribbean Fool Says:

    Your poetry is improving so far so fast it is incredible to read. You seem to pick up new strategies and methods constantly! Color me impressed; the poem shows that longing emotion of desire without becoming overtly over-dramatized. Read it several times to take in the imagery, enjoyed each reading. Great entry B. Keep on keepin’ on,


  41. Amity Says:

    Your wishes are mine too!!! But my final wish is to make it happen in such a magical way…:)) But to be just a woman of essence and substance!!!

  42. Nyx Says:

    Beautiful imagery and an interesting sentiment. Really enjoyed it.

  43. Seasweetie Says:

    Oh, this is simply beautiful. It captures an essence that I can’t quite put my finger on. Perhaps because I am a woman who has always so strongly felt like a part of the sea. Thank you.

  44. dreamingthruthetwilight Says:

    But to be a woman is to have
    The ocean’s depth and mystery
    To be a woman is to fly
    On wistful wings of poesy.
    To be woman is to quell
    Nature’s fire and fury
    To be a woman is to be
    The wand of love and beauty
    And she weaves from day to day
    In patterns rich, so daintily
    A charm that spellbinds the world
    And holds it as one entity

  45. ♡ The Tale Of My Heart ♡ Says:

    Lovely poem, thanks for sharing…… :)

  46. celestealluvial Says:

    WOW, you really capture a longing and a desire I can relate to…..super great poem, I loved it. Celeste

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