they come
when the dust crawls
on street corners
when you need help
to inhale the ashes
left after demons fight
kindness offered
breaths undercover
making you a better man
a woman.
barely in charge, addicted
you accept them

they hold you
when tears betray you
to let you know
there’s this salty taste of life
no proof of sound to register
the beauty of arms around you
in and out, up and down
the value of a friendly hand
matters in each second
in moments when you realize
you can’t have
the whole pot of ice-cream alone

they go eventually
with a promise to return
but only in your deep sleep
leaving empty
the guest’s cup of coffee
grounded on a shelf with bitter herbs
they come and go
like trains in opposite directions
like seasons changing the shade of the day
leaving you constantly sitting
on a cold bench at faraway metro station

They come and always go


“People come and go” by Jimisoflou on


© 2011  Broken Sparkles

30 Responses to “People”

  1. Jingle Says:

    sharp observations on people,
    love your words of wisdom here,

  2. Jane Doe Says:

    So lovely, you have a much better opinion of people than I do. I tend to be rather cynical and avoid my species as much as possible. Your poem makes me want to take a chance and make a new friend.

  3. Talon Says:

    This was melancholy, but so touching. Yes, people do come and go…some, thankfully, linger for a while. Just a lovely poem.

  4. trisha Says:

    very beautiful, you portrayed the pain of temporary, short lived relationships beautifully. they leave a void behind.

  5. deadpoet88 Says:

    Wow, I must say this must be one of your best that I’ve read. Every word you have written is something I’ve felt about people too. It made me think of Peyton from One Tree Hill, and how she would always say “People always leave”. Sadly, people leave, it always feels sad to say goodbye, not knowing if they’ll ever come back. I just hope all is fine.

  6. Nimue Says:

    How beautiful and hopeful too .. I love that there is no bitter feelings left here ..

  7. Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved Says:

    Bittersweet truth written in stunning tones. Blaga, this is just lovely. Most especially:

    they come and go,
    like trains in opposite directions,
    like seasons changing the shade of the day,
    leaving you constantly sitting
    on a cold bench at faraway metro station.

    I can’t even find the words to describe how good this one is. Exquisite work. Thank you!

    And thank you for all your reading and comments on my site. Lots going on right now. Barely keeping up with all. So sorry. I will email you tonight ….

    Blessings and Hugs for a wonderful day,

  8. WordsWorthMillions Says:

    Heartfelt and so true. They come and always go, but they provide the warmth of their arm while they stay.
    Amiga, a brilliant poem.

  9. Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved Says:

    Yes. Bravo, Blaga. Just as good tonight as it was this a.m.

    Blessings, dear poet.

  10. plaridel Says:

    what about the stray dogs around the metro? did the authorities finally get rid of them?

  11. Olivia Says:

    A very beautiful one!

    I read the words and feel them too! People are supposed to be each others friends but that happens rarely. Often we end up looking though one another. As if never did any relationship exist!

    Hugs xx

  12. angelagenie Says:

    Too true, people are fickle. Of course, if a person is famous and/or rich, they stick around… however, as soon as the money and/or fame is gone, so are the shallow, social-climbing people.
    When calamity arrives, people leave and the true friends stay, few though they may be… and sometimes, non stay, that’s why I love dogs, they, are loyal; never leave and know friend from foe.

  13. Tom Baker Says:

    Very though provoking poetry. I found myself reading the poem over and over. You know I like people and I found this a wonderful look into what makes some of us tick.

  14. Cherlyn Says:

    I read this a few times, I really enjoyed it. I think it’s an accurate description of what people can be like. I’ve always felt that people come into your life when you need them, and you enter theres when they need you. I really love the last bit of the poem, that goes:
    “they come and go,
    like trains in opposite directions,
    like seasons changing the shade of the day,
    leaving you constantly sitting
    on a cold bench at faraway metro station.”

    It’s just so beautiful and sad sounding. What a great job!

  15. 47whitebuffalo Says:

    Great black & white photo with poem. Hi.

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