Dreaming in French …

Parisian dreams

It’s only a dream, just a candy,
almost a promise of togetherness,
but it will be real, soon.
Like beats racing inside raindrops,
Spring will come and I will fly to
the town of all couples in love.

My eyes even closed will meet
your smile, the miles melting.
” Hola bella” – I will hear you say
and will let you hug me so tight that
the Armani cologne you wear
will blend with the scent of my heart.

Your hands- my shelter at night,
will be ready to take me
somewhere safe, somewhere with
no worries and dismay.
A small hotel on a quiet street,
a view that will make us feel at home.

Coffee shop. Two cups of cappuccino –
one sweet and one bitter.
A walk to the tower of our dreams-
yours and mine same dream.
Lips, a mesmerizing kiss,
after endless and painful days away.

A whisper and your voice deep,
untold words from before,
pictures for the Christofle silver frames,
kept for the best moments in my life and
your “I love you”, I will remember even
after the expire date of “forever” comes …


“Romance in Paris” by NoamC on DeviantArt


© 2011  Broken Sparkles


34 Responses to “Dreaming in French …”

  1. Jingle Says:

    The Armani cologne you wear will blend with the scent of my heart…

    focused and well plotted poetry, the image is dreamy or romantic, thanks for sharing…


  2. bendedspoon Says:

    I’m in love with your words :)

  3. louisedouglas Says:

    very romantic, written so love..ly..

  4. athursdayschild has a long way to go and much to be thankful for. Says:

    You’ve just made me want to go to Paris with my husband…something we’ve always talked about.

  5. Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved Says:

    Ditto Jingle.

    Blaga this poem is the ultimate romantic poem. It’s the dream we all have … Thank you! Wonderful.

  6. cloakedmonk Says:

    Interesting! I like the turn at the end. The expiration date on forever expiring. Then the memories will become even more poignant. Nice and romantic.

  7. Paula Tohline Calhoun Says:

    Once again, Blaga, you have transported me away from the computer screen, away from my chair, my house, this earth, and into the ether where love lives. Great, beautiful, delightful! Thank you for sharing even more of your heart than the scent. . .

  8. A.B. Thomas Says:

    Ah, you managed to take me back to the days of my youth and my European walk about that left me an entirely different person than when I left – great write~

  9. fiveloaf Says:

    armani cologne – scent of your heart? wow! lovely indeed! thank you blaga for sharing this.. here’s my potluck..

  10. marousia Says:

    Beautiful dream – filled with vivid details

  11. deadpoet88 Says:

    So romantic, and beautiful. You’ve got a way with romantic imagery. I like the last line, very beautiful yet realistic. Oh you make love sound so beautiful!

  12. Cheryl Says:

    Oh Blaga, I was already feeling hopelessly romantic this evening and now you’re poem has made it ten times more intense. As always, I love your imagery and beautiful choice of words. Bravo, my dear one.

  13. ogungbesan20 Says:


  14. Olivia Says:

    I am both smiling and am teary eyed too!
    This HIM that I had loved or I feel I did; he too said that he did, I haven’t been able to really feel for anyone anymore since then. I did marry but because I wanted to and not because I loved him or anything! Eventually, I did give myself away to him only to be thrown away in pieces!!
    Your words just reminded me both the stances- feeling bitter- sweet.

    I do wish to feel how it feels to be in love again- only I don’t feel for anyone anymore..

    Hugs n mega hugs

  15. seabell Says:

    The Armani cologne… The coffee shop… The scent is such a powerful player in terms of writing! Thanks for leading me to this place. Seabell

  16. Marlee-I Mystic Says:

    Oh man how this made me miss Paris and even Nice. I’m a sucker for France. I want to live through you and experience this love with my love. Great job! Happy Potluck.
    Here’s mine: http://mysticmarleei.wordpress.com/2011/02/07/all-i-can/

  17. Jane Doe Says:

    So beautiful and romantic. Love that last line.

  18. Cherlyn Says:

    ” Hola bella” – I will hear you say and will let you hug me so tight that
    The Armani cologne you wear will blend with the scent of my heart.

    Hmm deliciousness! I love this poem, it’s got extremely beautiful imagery, and I just love how you phrased everything. It was romantic and alluring, I adore it. Plus it’s set in Paris, oui? So romantic! Great job!

  19. PinkLady Says:

    what a romantic piece! your words resonate with me. that love you described is something we all wish to have and to hold. simply beautiful!


  20. Tom Baker Says:

    Your words are expertly painted on the soul. Awesome and sensual especially at this time of year.

  21. Ms. Peaches Says:

    I love the romance of all your words, paints a lovely picture!!!!

  22. southwindtrails Says:

    I am at a loss for words. Your wonderful phrases made my breath catch and my heart flutter, so romantic.

  23. azfree Says:

    Beautiful. I love the imagery. I could smell the sweetness!

  24. David (1MereMortal) Says:

    Very sensual…really engages the senses. A beautifully written poem.

  25. tasithoughts Says:

    “like beats racing inside raindrops”




  26. mstevensson Says:

    Romantic and enchanting. Really enjoyed the long-line format of it.

  27. Life: Between the lines Says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! (weep weep, cry cry) pure loveliness!!!!!!

  28. Nanka Says:

    Very dreamy and romantic :)….but the very thought of Paris makes you so!! Loved dreaming in french and thanks for spreading the happiness!!

  29. Imagina Says:

    a perfect romance, i love this :)

  30. ladynimue Says:

    I so wanna be in love right now so i can send this to that special some one .. the last line .. gosh! thats like icing on cake .. the images , the feelings .. superb .. totally awesome :D

  31. trisha Says:

    what a poem!

    you took us all to that lovely date along with you two.


  32. Sam Says:

    very passionate and romantic…

  33. tigerbrite Says:

    This is so soft and dreamy, like floating ;)

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