I wanted a storm tonight, a wild one,
with thunders and lightnings,
with heavy rain and brutal wind.

I needed the sound of the hurricane
to blunt the sound of my running heart
when I heard you knocking on my door,
when the bell woke up my abandoned confidence.

I needed the electric sparks lighting the sky,
to hide the glow of triumph in my eyes,
when I saw you coming to me with hope,
with million questions about tomorrow.

I wanted the noise of the raindrops to mix with
the noise of my melting, fragile self-defense,
when the perfection of your face met the look of my eyes.

And the shiver down my spine, the tremble through my skin,
I needed you to think it’s because of the cold  air,
not because of your lips touching my lips with finest kiss.

I wanted to hide my weakness about you for a while,
to stand independent and confident for another moment,
before your charm conquered me, before your hands took my hands
and your voice asked me to follow you in the maze of love.


"Mallabula Storm" by Robert Vine


© 2011  Broken Sparkles


59 Responses to “Storm”

  1. Just Veli Says:

    Loving your work! :) xx

  2. Tom Baker Says:

    Wow this is awesome. I’m hoping for a storm of my own for April and I to share.

  3. Words4aFriend Says:

    How we sometimes long for that perfect storm, good write Blaga

  4. mstevensson Says:

    Lovely imagery and excellent flow!

  5. Jessica Says:

    Lovely! I was quite entranced reading this!
    I empathise with your feelings.

  6. Chim's World Of Literature Says:

    this was a beautiful poem….those storms are sometimes necessary but sometimes it can wash away all the hurt..

  7. deadpoet88 Says:

    So romantic, beautifully written! Love the photograph too! :D

  8. Hema Says:

    Lovely poem. You express so well!!

  9. Jingle Says:

    your desire or longing are obvious.
    beautiful job.

    best wishes.

  10. Life: Between the lines Says:

    Quite enjoyable read. It took me on a wild journey as well. Nice! :)

  11. Kellie Elmore Says:

    wow! amazing write. so emotional and the imagery is superb!


    happy potluck!

  12. thingy Says:

    Yes, yes!

  13. Morganna Says:

    I like it. A whole romance story in one short poem. Nice.

  14. Angela Cohan Says:

    Lovely work–well done.

  15. RiikaInfinityy 마왕 Says:

    Amazing, love both the poem and image too, :P

  16. Willow Says:

    “I needed the sound of the hurricane
    to blunt the sound of my running heart…
    I wanted the noise of the raindrops to mix with
    the noise of my melting, fragile self-defense,”

    I especially like these lines in this erotic poem, “hot” beautiful…and lots of vulnerability. Well done.

  17. LeiffyV Says:

    Image and the write work so well together, the cosmic energies of two souls dancing the subtle dance of life. Great work!

  18. booguloo Says:

    A little fear.. loss of control, for a monitored period, being protected from the storm.. strong arms.. nice feelings..

  19. Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved Says:

    Ah, so very well done. The rain and thunder and lights as cover. Imaginative. Original. I like this a lot, Blaga. And such a perfect photo complement. Nice work.

  20. Sam Says:

    The kind of storm I enjoy…Beautiful emotions.

  21. Tom Baker Says:

    Still a great poem!

  22. debi Says:

    What a beautiful poem.
    What is better than to be totally conquered by love?

  23. Eric Says:

    Sensational, both in the literal sense and the figurative.

    I can feel the rain.

  24. Intuition Says:

    Wonderful written, exotic actually :) in Homoeopathy one of their many questions is if you like the sound of thunder…and if you answer yes then it is because you are unable to express things verbally making the sound of thunder an internal wish to express things out loud. So i loved how you mixed the rain with love :)

  25. Caribbean Fool Says:

    Sorry for the long delay in visiting/commenting. You are far too kind for me not to return the goodness with a visit and some reading. Catches my eye when people define feelings with weather, possibly because I catch myself doing that so often both in poetry & life. Makes a connection between the imagery & emotion through the poem. Well done. Thanks for some excellent reading as well as the visits & encouragement. Someday I want to write in more detail about the last 2 weeks but still some raw wounds best left lay. Anyhow, again, danke & hope all is well. Always a joy to read your work.


  26. yelena m. Says:

    Wow, your stormy imagery took my heart away…Passionate and yet purifying..Thank you. :)

  27. Sean Says:

    Very nice. I love how it flows even though the stanzas aren’t all the same length. That’s not easy to do.

  28. Cheryl Says:

    I absolutely love rainstorms and think they are amazingly romantic. You captured that romance in this poem perfectly.

    Hugs my friend,
    – C

  29. Neutral Universe Says:

    I love the imagery. :)

  30. Cherlyn Says:

    A great poem yet again :) I’m still waiting for my storm lol. I love this line: I wanted to hide my weakness about you for a while, to stand independent and confident for another moment.

    You are just so talented, I wish I could paint a picture like this with my words!

  31. Chloe Says:

    This is an amazing poem – loved it! :D xx

  32. Kavita Says:

    Woooooowww… gave me the chills…and sent HEAT WAVES all across my skin, girl!
    How hard we try to mask our emotions… but sometimes, we just CANNOT!!!

    Very VERY beautifully written!!

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