Pumpkin time

Pumpkin time

It’s pumpkin time and I’m still awake.
Maybe it’s the heat tonight,
the noise from cars driving fast
on the road not so far
or teenagers talking loud,
having small party in the back yard.
Crooked intuition doesn’t leave me
in soothing thoughts.
One hard slap and the truth is said
with voice that rocks.

It’s the forbidden scent of his
that I earlier inhaled.
It’s the starry feeling in my stomach
when he first spoke to me.
It’s the smile, tempting me,
inviting me in sin to disappear.

Ever since the sun went down,
leaving red trace on the sky,
I’m sitting on the sand,
looking at the distance drawing hope,
thinking of what trace
his words left inside of me.


"On the beach, at night" on beachdo.com


© 2010  Broken Sparkles


13 Responses to “Pumpkin time”

  1. Cherlyn Says:

    I love this one!, the last line “thinking of what trace his words left inside of me” is amazing. I know that feeling, of laying in bed thinking about a certain someone – unable to sleep, knowing you should but you can’t, or won’t because you don’t want to get the thought of them from your mind.

  2. Jingle Says:

    breath taking, love this one so much!

    divine talent,

  3. Desiree Says:

    Very beautiful poem. Keep up the good work.

  4. Tom Baker Says:

    Thought provoking and very stimulating. It’s words spun like a beautiful spider’s web. So delicate yet strong. I like it a lot Blaga!

  5. Jingle Says:

    cool post..

    Happy Tuesday….

    Thanks for the support.

  6. Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved Says:

    This is wonderful. Many memorable and potent lines here. “starry feeling in my stomach” + “forbidden scent” + “trace his words left behind” … fine job, Blaga. Thank you. Hope the day is going well for you.

  7. Lavender Says:

    Delightful! My favorite: forbidden scent.
    This is really a brilliant work. I could hear it, smell it, see it and feel it. :)

  8. Artswebshow Says:

    Truly excellent poetry.
    Pumpkin time certainly does match in a clever way.

  9. David (1MereMortal) Says:

    A very sensual write…such an enjoyable read.

  10. dan Says:

    When you weave all the senses in as you create this tapestry of the heart, it becomes even more beautiful.

  11. Marlee-I Mystic Says:

    Ever encounter leaves it’s traces in our mind. Good job!

    Happy Rally

  12. deadpoet88 Says:

    So beautiful, the last line seems to linger on, echoing in my head. You can feel all the sense in this poem.

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