-But I’m home now, so… -So everything goes back to normal?

“Christmas at home” by Blaga Todorova


Spending Christmas with my parents made my holiday most precious. I had lovely time despite the cold weather in Bulgaria, which I absolutely dislike. Even my camera refused to work under the pressure of the frost outside, so this time I came back with very few pictures, but loads of nice memories. One of them- I got the lucky coin from the New Year’s bread that mom made and I might, after all, find my happy place in a country with tall towers and whispers of beautiful promises.

The important is – I came back relaxed and ready for adventures. I’m back to Athens, I’m back to blogging. I have a lot to read around here and I apologize for the silence, but I will make it up to all of you that came here to visit and leave nice comments. Thank you everybody! May you all have a wonderful year ahead!

“-But I’m home now, so… -So everything goes back to normal?” –Jonny Vang

“New Year’s candles” by Blaga Todorova

This time I plan on NOT going back to normal … and here is where my first ever New Year’s Resolution comes. I usually function better when I’m not trapped in “must rules”. Most of the time I have a very clear idea about what I want and where I’d like to be, not as a definite statement, because life can be tricky at times. But now I’m making a commitment. In the very first days of January, I am officially looking for a new country, it will be my main task ’till I succeed. I think I had enough of Greece and the strikes, enough of people not being able to understand, not being able to see the real face of the situation here. Going back to Bulgaria is not an option, staying in Athens is unbearable, so new country it is … wherever the heart takes me … there.

“Light in the darkness – Athens at night” by Blaga Todorova


On the list of things I’d like to do in 2011, apart from finding my dreamland/ or more like right-land/, I’d like to add and little something else … To make strangers smile as much as possible! What I realized recently, is that strangers helped me to get out of the darkness two years ago, few people that didn’t know me at all believed in me and gave me the courage to let go off the misery, so now I’d like to do the same for others in need. Let’s say, as of today, I am establishing my own, inside-the-heart-organization, called ”  Don’t let these eyes cry”. Strangers are the reason that I still dream, that I still believe in angels and strangers is what I’d like to support a bit more from now on.

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles.  It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Keep dreaming, keep smiling! Love& Hugs …


© 2011  Broken Sparkles

10 Responses to “-But I’m home now, so… -So everything goes back to normal?”

  1. timkeen40 Says:

    Those are some good goals to strive for. Keep on putting out these geat posts.


  2. Cheryl Says:

    Blaga, welcome home, or to your temporary home until you find your dreamland. Everything you said was so sweet and beautiful. I know you have been one of the many strangers I have met that has helped me to smile in tough times. The world could use more people like you. I wish you all the best in 2011 and you’ve even made me think that maybe it is time for me to fulfill one of my dreams and move away from Chicago. Hmmm…

    I’ll work on not letting these eyes cry so much first.

    Hugs my friend,

    ~ C

  3. Tom Baker Says:

    Smiles are free gifts we can give away without leaving us without. I am thrilled that you had a great time in Bulgaria. I hate the cold too. Maybe you could move to Spain and be there to greet Melissa when she gets there! Or maybe Egypt. I look forward to hearing about your journey but sorry you don’t like where you are now.

    Happy New Year. May 2011 be even better than 2010!

  4. dan Says:

    You will make a place special just by being there. Your smiles and tears should be welcome
    everywhere. What is important is you have a beautiful heart, full of love and promise.

  5. Eric Says:

    Happy New Year! Glad you had a nice Christmas holiday. Looking forward to seeing what 2011 brings.

  6. Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved Says:

    Happy New Year, Blaga! And welcome back to your home. Very fine goals and objectives you’ve set for yourself. How will you go about your research on a new place to live? That would be an interesting project. You are so adventurous.

    Glad you had a good time with your folks. I wanted to have an envelope waiting for you when you came back, but I’ve been unable to get to the Post Office. My son will come to take me on Friday, so I can get something off then.

    Keep smiling. We cherish those smiles.

    Blessings -and this is a wonderful post. The photos by you are lovely. Thanks for putting them up.

  7. Cherlyn Says:

    I’m glad you had a good holiday, and by the sounds of it you have got a good outlook to the New Year – staying focused and striving for your goals is a great type of attitude, it’s exciting to see someone so motivated! :) I’d suggest Canada but even where I live it gets pretty cool. Although, British Columbia has much fairer weather. Good luck with the country search!!

  8. heather grace stewart Says:

    You just made this stranger smile, but I hope we don’t stay strangers this year. Love your blog. Happy New year.

  9. deadpoet88 Says:

    Glad you enjoyed your holidays :)

    I really like your resolution about how you should help strangers smile. I have always felt the same way, sometimes you may be the only chance to smile a person may have the whole day. Somehow you can’t always open up to friends that well, but I find that it is easy to talk to strangers if they’re willing to listen. :) When I was a kid, I’d often smile at strangers or wish them good morning on the way to school. I don’t do that anymore, though I think sometimes that I should.

    As for you wanting to leave your country, I sure hope you find a good place to live in. All the best for your search! I’m sure there is a place for everyone :) I often think that I want to run away from where I stay too, but somehow I think my heart will keep coming back to India.

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