East of Eden

Dedicated to all unspoken thoughts, to all memories from times almost unreal, to all kisses that lasted a minute of pure forever. To you, please know, there’s always enough sand, moonlight and waves to see us together again. I know!

East of Eden

East of Eden sleeps my strength,
melodies elude chaos of cold waves.
Moments written in sand
are now hazed with dust from hell.

Long gone, but never absent,
whirls in pure forever and you,
breaths confused with faint illusions,
heaven once held my smile.

Drifting hearts seduced on paper,
Latin letters often bewildered, wishes made
out of agony, East of Eden is not for me,
I follow the stars to Shangri-la with you.


Shangri-la according to Wikipedia is a mystical, harmonious valley, gently guided from a lamasery, enclosed in the western end of the Kunlun Mountains. Shangri-La has become synonymous with any earthly paradise but particularly a mythical Himalayan utopia — a permanently happy land, isolated from the outside world. In the novel Lost Horizon, the people who live at Shangri-La are almost immortal, living years beyond the normal lifespan and only very slowly aging in appearance. The word also evokes the imagery of exoticism of the Orient.

“You bring color into my life” by Sonam Mandal


 © 2010  Broken Sparkles


47 Responses to “East of Eden”

  1. Tara Summers Says:

    This is beautiful – first time here. I love it.

  2. Jingle Says:

    elegant piece for a lovely place to be…
    well done…

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. moondustwriter Says:

    The sentiment is strong in this piece
    your words are strong and convey a continuity throughout
    love the theme – a bit mystical
    and the photo a perfect accent

    So glad you came back to One Shot – please feel welcome anytime


  4. Tom Baker Says:

    Beautiful words Blaga. Your dedication is even beautiful poetry. I’m wondering what takes longer; finding the photos that are perfect with your words or writing the poetry itself?

    I stopped by also to let you know Melissa’s interview is tomorrow! Thank you again.

  5. Giovanni Cucullo Says:

    “Heaven once held my smile.”…I Love This!!
    Powerful piece. I can feel a lot of personal passion here.
    Great job Blaga!

  6. Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved Says:

    Blaga, this is beautifully done and quintessentially you. Lovely. Evocative. Heart renderting. Loving. Well done.

  7. marousia Says:

    Lovely writing – so simple yet complex.

  8. Life: Between the lines Says:

    Yes, So do I…Shangri la is awesome :)
    I like this…niceeeeeeeeeeeeee I love sweets :)

  9. Cherlyn Says:

    “heaven once held my smile” – this is just awesome! I like how hopefully, yet subtly sad this feels. I also just really love the title, it has a beautiful ring to it! A great job again :)

  10. Steve Isaak Says:

    Good piece – effective mood weaving.

  11. deadpoet88 Says:

    I absolutely love this poem! So tender and loving, says so much in such few words! Really enjoyed it. One of your best that I’ve read so far.

    I think the picture goes very well with it :)

    I must read that book, sounds interesting.

  12. Cheryl Says:

    Well done as usual, Blaga. Beautiful sentiments with an image that invokes warmth of feeling. Stay as lovely as you are.

    ~ C

  13. Caribbean Fool Says:

    Always a pleasure to swing by. Was reviewing 1SW poems and ended up reading this over a few times. Just one question, since it hasn’t come up in the comments yet…. are you a James Dean fan? Or Steinbeck? The poem gives a hint of both, and finishing in Shangri-La was a nice visual choice in contrast. Great 1S,


  14. WordsWorthMillions Says:

    Amiga, a wonderful poem.
    Come to my country, it is called “The Last Shangri-la’.

  15. Chris G. Says:

    Elegance and power, the mystical reconciled with the modern “seduced in text messages,” both a wonder and a pleasure. Such tender longing…might we all go back to that beautiful Shangri-la.

  16. Eric Says:

    I’ve often wondered: What lies WEST of Eden?

  17. Gay Says:

    Tight write..conveying mystery, beauty and longing in a short space. Well done.

  18. Kavita Says:

    Aaaah… One could sense the longing in this one… the pains of separation… oh yes, it was all here…
    No matter how beautiful things are, they are just not the same without love…
    A very beautiful write, my friend..

  19. Judy Marie Santiago Says:

    Oh, that’s nice! There is a mall nearby my office which is named, Shangri-La. I never thought its actually a name of a nice nice place! Woah! :) Well-written poem again, Blaga! ♥

  20. dancingfreak Says:

    sweet poem :)

    love the pic :)

  21. dustus Says:

    Wonderful write. The title for me conjures images from Steinbeck novels, as well as Cain and Nod. That aside, it’s a really well done poem. Cheers

  22. Purvi Says:

    Absolutely beautiful..! .. and Touching. I wished the same..

  23. robin ellen lucas Says:

    you write beautifully.. the imagery

  24. gracefulglider Says:

    scent of my heart… the title says it all….. them you use imagery to spell it out. i really like.
    welcome at mine tell me what you think :)

  25. danroberson Says:

    You did it again! Another beautiful poem! You are filled with love!

  26. Luke Prater Says:

    yes, lots to like about this piece, Blaga. Will try to get to it on the Group Board to give you some more detailed constructive crit.

    Warmest of Salads for the coldest of Winters

    Luke x

  27. Short Poems Says:

    Beautiful poem. You played with words so nicely!
    Love it.
    Take care
    Marinela x

  28. Pat Cegan Says:

    Wonderful poem! Stunning photo! Thanks for both and for your visit to my blog! hugs, pat

  29. Carl Says:

    I loved it. “Moments painted with sand / are now hazed with dust from hell.” causes intense reflection.

  30. robin ellen lucas Says:

    sad but touching, especially “butterflies of pure forever and you”

  31. Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved Says:

    Thinking of you. Reading about the strikes earlier on some news and the announcement on Kathimerini, English version.

    They sure know how to do their thing when they can cause the most inconvenience. Same here. Oh well … I hope you wont be stranded when you want to leave Athens for Bulgaria. Does it effect airports – probably makes it hard to get to them, if nothing else. Maybe a friend can give you a lift.

    Take care. Hang tough. Will check my email for you this evening. Catching up on Rally and Potluck now. Phew! Hugs!

  32. soulbro* Says:

    every moment comes and goes and those that are present evaporate as well..all is trapped in an illusional story on where we are placed…good poem my Dearest scent of heart…enjoy as well(+)
    soulbro* :) xo—{–@

  33. lnfiniterainbow Says:

    Im on The Road to Shambhala………. :)

  34. budhaaah Says:

    My first visit here and I love it – the longing for lost love hmmm..beautiful

  35. southwindtrails Says:

    I loved the title of this poem. The whole thing has such a nice flow and image, makes me want to be somwhere warmer! I also liked that you defined Shangri-la, it’s a nice touch to the poem and it helps out anyone who doesn’t know what it is. :)

  36. Reetam Majumder Says:

    Drifting hearts seduced in text messages,
    Latin letters often bewildered, wishes made

    this is amazing. really amazing…. sums up our lives now perfectly….

  37. Jingle Says:

    have a smooth trip to your family..
    Happy New Year!


  38. Ina Says:

    Oh this is so beautiful!
    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a nice rally!

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