Your kiss

 Your kiss

One moment, dizzy seconds,
escaped out of time,
found shelter in the space
between your face and mine.

Flash secured in the air
that we breathe,
whispers coming out unevenly,
chasing the contours of our eyes.

Hearts with chaotic rhythm,
facing desire and pain,
searching for the edge where
the torture would somehow end.

Hope in the static and
the touch of flesh on flesh,
fingers in my hair,
hands on your arms.

Climbing butterflies on my back,
expecting your move,
slipping silence over you,
wanting to reach me.

One moment without direction
and with it one breath away,
enclosed in time,
caught in a kiss, your kiss.


"Lovers" by Silvio Schoisswohl


© 2010  Broken Sparkles


38 Responses to “Your kiss”

  1. Tom Baker Says:

    My lips are poised and puckered! Another great work. I loved it, please keep them coming!

  2. Cherlyn Says:

    My damn email must’ve eaten my notification! Thank gosh for Facebook :D This is wonderful! It flows amazingly, and I adore the intensity of it – a great poem for sure!!

  3. heather grace stewart Says:

    “Caught in a kiss–your kiss”—that’s intense. Well done!

  4. Judy Marie Santiago Says:

    I felt this one. Good work, Blaga! :) I miss you!

  5. Olivia Says:

    What a beautiful one Blaga.. I almost felt I was soaking in that rain and savoring a kiss myself!! How well have you captured the beauty of the moment.. :)

    I am smiling like a fool reading such nice words.. Happy Weekend Dearest.. xoxox

  6. RiikaInfinityy 마왕 Says:

    Lovely and beautiful :D~ Rain and Kiss…not a bad mixture after all =P

  7. Jessicas Japes Says:

    Love the ‘slowness’ of the build up, the anticipation. Very cleverly composed.
    I hope he didn’t turn into a frog after all this!!

  8. Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved Says:

    Wow! Breathless. A fine poem. Kudos to you, dear Blaga. Poem on …

    Hugs to you.

  9. danroberson Says:

    The picture is good but your words are breathtaking. Loved it!

  10. Caribbean Fool Says:

    Great final stanza. I thought the way you imbued ‘kiss’ with different meanings through a variety of usage gave the poem more depth. Keep up the good work!


  11. Chris G. Says:

    Nice union between photographer and poet here. Nice poem – a sensual and romantic delight. Can feel the passion rising – your writing, your flow, comes on like an intriguing dance…

  12. LeiffyV Says:

    Very romantic, very sweet. Intensity in its gentleness. I approve! Thanks for sharing with us!

  13. ljm (Amias) Says:

    Such a kiss should be repeated again and again.

  14. WordsWorthMillions Says:

    Intense. Sexy. Breathless.

  15. deadpoet88 Says:

    wow, amazingly sensual poem! Great work!

  16. ladynimue Says:

    One of the swwetest and passionate poem i read in recent times :) lovely !

  17. Shigune Matsui Says:

    This reminds me of those romance books that I have read excerpts from. I don’t really read those books exactly, but the words you’ve chosen for this post remind me of those books.

    I love the word usage.

  18. mairmusic Says:

    So incredibly romantic! A beautiful verse.

  19. Purvi Says:

    Beautiful, romantic, makes one want to love.. made my poetic day!! :))

  20. Seasweetie Says:

    “Climbing butterflies on my back” – wonderful. I can remember that sensation, though haven’t ever put words to it.

  21. Sumit Sarkar Says:

    Beautiful and lovely… :)

  22. Onyeche Vincent Onyeka Says:

    oooo. U are killing me with your perfectly choosen words, tactically arranged plots… u are indeed GOOOD. At all moments and dizzy seconds you make your readers love poetry.

  23. Liliana Negoi Says:

    “Climbing butterflies on my back, expecting your move,
    slipping silence over you, wanting to reach me.”
    excellent portrayal of emotions…

  24. Seabell Says:

    Caught in a poem… :)

  25. charlesmashburn Says:

    Wonderful depiction of a passionate kiss. Very nice!

    My first kiss poem:

  26. Eric Says:

    Sexy stuff, Blaga!

  27. The Cello Strings Says:

    hot and wet,
    romantic and beautiful..

  28. Sarah Johnston Says:

    This is a very romatic poem. I like the way you have created this poem and it feels like you are there. Very dreamy and romatic.

  29. A.B. Thomas Says:

    oh to have such a passion! Fantastic write!

  30. Morning Says:


    Thanks for sharing…

  31. saya Says:

    Amazingly written with a very sensuous pic :)

  32. terri0729 Says:

    Extremely well done! Liked it a lot. Blessings…

    My offering:

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