Evanescence of this summer

Evanescence of this summer

It’s a dream the evanescence of this summer,
I refuse to let go off the sky, so perfectly clear.
Blue silence engraves on a lost shadow,walking
on some lonely beach, bones wrapped in suntanned skin.

I glimpse the lights around, the whispers across the sea,
ready for the morning chill to teach me,
how to survive the dead of summer,
how to welcome the snow, tasting like grated cotton.

I look at the waves, but not for long,
I don’t like the “plain” order and “must” rules.
My eyes would rather battle with the twilight,
keeping the warmth left on the long road of shining.

Day and night will become one,
the rain on the streets will reveal the elixir-cure
for the chaos coming in my heart,
because this great season has to finish.

I store every sign, reminding me that
after all you were here,
that I met you, had you, loved you,
even only moments before the end.

I keep my new passion away
from unreasonable fears and I will feel alive
until the next summer decides to appear,
thinking of the last kiss, followed by one salty tear.


“Blue sunrise” by Blaga Todorova


© 2010  Broken Sparkles


14 Responses to “Evanescence of this summer”

  1. Eli Says:

    Много яко зелено Буги, а стихотворението е сууууупеееер :)

  2. Kostadinka Says:

    Great! :)))

  3. Raul Says:

    pics make me wanna go on holiday…..

  4. Just Veli Says:

    Keep on rocking! Loving your work, and thanking you for sharing it with us! :) xx

  5. Cherlyn Says:

    “and I will feel alive, until the next summer decides to appear,
    thinking of the last kiss we had, followed by one salty tear …” what a great line! I’ve been in a sad sort of romantic mood lately too, and even though it’s not the most pleasant feeling, I find I get some of my best work out of those emotions. Maybe you’re not feeling like this, but the poem is amazing either way :)

  6. WordsWorthMillions Says:

    Summer is always nice and despite the heat, summer showers are always refreshing. Very romantic mood. Last couple of lines left me empty, wanting summer to appear sooner so that the kisses will continue and the salty tear will disappear. Beautiful poem. :D

  7. ashbeezone Says:

    That’s really good !!

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    Selected for Jingle Poetry Week 32

    and other creations as well in my BLOG

    Hope you like them for sure !!

  8. Jamie Dedes Says:

    So sad in the end, but such a well done poem and perfect photo sellected to illustrat. Thanks for your Rally entry.

  9. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Read this again and again I enjoyed it. Many a lovely and clever turn of phrase. I find myself particularly take with “welcome the snow that will taste like grated cotton.” Not sure way, but there it is. Very vivid.

    Thanks for many lovely reads.

    Poem on …

    • Broken Sparkles Says:

      It’s nice to know you like it Jamie! Snow that will taste like cotton came form the fake snow, that really tastes like cotton :)! I’m not a big fan of winter and snow, fake or real, is not on the list with my best friends!

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