Missing you


Missing you

One snowflake, the last left from winter,
met two crystal drops of rain and
rolled down to greet the spring.
The first summer sunshine joined them
in the dance of daylight and
the breeze that comes at night,
placed them in a lost green leaf that flies.

The leaf across the world escaped and
saw, felt, discovered people, loves, lands
and somewhere in the middle of the desert,
exhausted from the journey, stopped
to take a breath and caught red bits of dust.

The whisper of the empty wilderness
directed the leaf and on the other side
of the Pyramids it found you.
Sitting on the beach we first walked on to,
staring at the sea with hope the waves to talk to you,
thinking of the dreams we never made to come true,
missing me, wanting me, loving me like I do.


“Egypt in my hands” by Blaga Todorova
© 2010 Broken Sparkles



6 Responses to “Missing you”

  1. Rumyana Krasteva Says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us Buggie! It is wonderful as all the treasures you’ve posted here!I like it very,very much:)))

  2. ashbeezone Says:

    Nice thought …
    Take a look on my very new creation …
    Hope you wud like it sure !! ;)

  3. Words4Afriend Says:

    very nice creative thoughts

  4. Just Veli Says:

    This poem took me on another beautiful journey with you… Muchas gracias mi bonita amiga! :) xx

  5. thatrandombitch Says:

    You have an amazing way with words =)

  6. Cherlyn Says:

    Sorry for the late comment, must’ve missed my notification email!

    Another great poem Blaga. This is a really romantic sounding poem, and even though it is rather sad at the same time, I think it sounds almost hopeful. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s just how I interpretted it :).

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