Broken glass

Broken glass

Glass with wine, bright and appealing red, sweet wine,
that was my heart full of love.
I gave it to you by all known and accepted rules.

At first just a sip for degustation,
with my breath away, expecting secretly the reaction,
I saw your lips touching the edge of the glass,

the red drops of sin meeting your taste censors.
I saw the green in your eyes sparkling and I knew, you loved it.
-“Please can I have more?”- I heard your voice.

And I filled half of the glass again.
It was like a fairytale to live you feeling the smell, the taste,
the color, the texture … everything with unbelievable grace,

to see you intoxicated in such an elegant way.
-“That’s not enough, please more!”- I had you begging me.
I couldn’t resist and I filled the glass to the top this time.

And then is when the crack came …
I don’t know how? Was the wine too much for the fine glass?
Or my love was extremely strong for your heart?

Either way the sound of broken touched the marble floor,
the bright red was quickly absorbed from the carpet
and the gleaming white became ash of roses.

I closed my eyes in panic, in disbelief.
I heard you saying -” We can get a new glass.”
But no. Don’t. Is not only the glass broken, our dream went blind,

the love is not coming back renewed either.
New dream is knocking and I play there without you,
happy and free, without a trace of  broken glass and dreams.


Image by Rodney /8025glome/ on


© 2010  Broken Sparkles


7 Responses to “Broken glass”

  1. Cherlyn Says:

    I think this is a really powerful piece. I like the metaphor of your love being a glass of wine, it’s not something I’ve heard before and I thought it was a really fresh idea. Its a really kind of sad piece, at least thats how I interpretted it. I can totally relate to that idea that once love has been broken, you can never really put it back together, not the way it was. And even if you move on, there will always be that stain, reminding you of what had passed. A really great poem!!!

    • Broken Sparkles Says:

      Some relationships have enough drama and sadness to make you find strange metaphors … and truth is when someone hurt you badly, it doesn’t matter how much effort he will use after to make things to go back to normal, it never goes back to normal ..there is always this little memory of the pain in the background least this is how it goes with me and my memory! Thank you Cherlyn! I hope you have a good start of the week!

      • Cherlyn Says:

        I completely understand that. Even when the wounds heal we still have the scars. Thank you – I hope you have a great start to the week as well :)

      • Broken Sparkles Says:

        Oh, yes! Great start :)! I didn’t go to work, because there is a strike of the public transport …we don’t have buses, but we have rain :) plenty of it! So it’s kind a nice to get one more day off especially when outside is raining like there is no tomorrow!

  2. Jingle Says:

    love the image, very divine!

  3. One Year Blogiversary « Over a Cup of Coffee Says:

    […] I have a few favourite posts from fellow bloggers that I’d like to share on this post as well.  Though I’ve just recently found some amazing blogs, there have been three that I’ve been reading for a while now, so I’m sorry if I don’t mention any of your posts yet – most likely I haven’t read as many of yours (for the time being), so I hope no one feels left out!  Anyways, first off is Blaga from Scent of My Heart.  I couldn’t pick a favourite, because I love all of her poems, they’re beautiful, and a really different style than what I write, and it just feels so amazing to read them.  She puts so much emotion and imagery in them, and they just know how to invoke a specific emotion when you read them.  I hope one day I can write with such powerful raw emotion!  As I said, I couldn’t pick a favourite, so here are four that really stood out in my mind – I think everyone should check them out if they haven’t: When Light Meets Darkness, Butterflies, Regret, and Broken Glass. […]

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