In love with the rain


In love with the rain

The quiet rain that murmurs outside,
that calm rain I know is burning you inside,
because if the wind blows and
the muddy floods stop all of a sudden,
you know I will leave you to sleep.

My hair, sparkling wet and the scent of it,
I know you drain off with your eyes eager,
the dewdrop that trembles on my neck,
it’s all that you have in your dreams.

And if I ever reveal my love for rain
if I ever confess it’s because of you,
please don’t hate me,

I know you created the drops that fall right now,
I know you invented the rain for me.


"Lovers" by Silvio Schoisswohl


© 2010  Broken Sparkles

I heard you again


I heard you again

I heard you again in my heart, in my veins, in between adrenaline and hot blood.
With the last wave of the sea inflow, saying you’re coming soon.
With the drops of rain falling unmercifully, showing you’re staying this time.
I heard you again in my head, not as a fantasy in my sleep, it was real.

I felt again your intense devotion, your eagerness for ardor, for passion.
With the fresh air of the spring coming, whispering you’re lost without me.
With the roses that blossom on my balcony, proving you were born to be with me.
I felt again your love, your dreams and your hopes for a new tomorrow.

I know again with my soul, with my mind, with my six senses.
I could see it with my eyes, feel it in your voice.
With the sun that shines inside of me every time I think of you.
With the river that flows inside of you every time you dream of me.

I know for sure, I am so in love again and so are you …

Image by RedSheep Photography


© 2010  Broken Sparkles



I failed again, like a bolt from the blue.
Foolish belief in love, in you,
desperate hope to see I’m worth,
I’m special for you, it all dwindled.

I failed in trying to give you a universe,
because the best was never good enough,
even taking all, it didn’t stop you to ask
for more, for the impossible to turn to possible.

You declared unsuccessful, my stubborn addiction
to fairy tales and stories with happy end.
I bleed, I suffer now, trying to find the exit.
It hurts to get rid off the dreams and the memories.
I deny to accept that people are not only people,
but cruel parts in gigantic machine “Ambition”.

I refuse to let go of my trust in life,
in descent life possible for anyone of us.
Tomorrow will be better and different.
I will rise up, even covered in broken ashes.
I will stand equal with the strength
of  fire, water, air and earth.

With few pieces of beauty, half of my heart
and non of my sensibility, but on my two feet,
adding another lesson to the book of life,
to not build a life I wouldn’t survive without,
to not loose faith in the day when
I will be the one to choose the winning ticket
in the lottery called “Love”.

    * * * * *

Image by RedSheep Photography


© 2010  Broken Sparkles