I paired with quietness this weekend,
Awaiting to hear the steps of the pain,
Coming to remind me there is evil,
To show me how much leaving you will hurt.

I prayed for rain, so I could hide the tears,
Just in case they decide to appear.
I locked myself and my six senses away
From the rest of the colorless world,

I didn’t want any witness to my despair.
I was sure I will sleep with darkness, deaf,
Attempting to kill the urge to miss you.

I was ready to fight my non-existing patience,
To give another chance to you, to us.
I expected to say: ” I made a mistake!”
But, none of it happened, I didn’t break.

And I don’t want to wonder why, to ask,
Was it after all a love worth living, was it love at all?
I just want to enjoy the strange sigh of relief and
The freedom, now, when they finally came to visit.


Image by Melissa Alicia Photography


© 2010  Broken Sparkles


8 Responses to “Freedom”

  1. Tom Baker Says:

    Very sad. Another great one Blaga. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Cherlyn Says:

    Well I’ve been reading the last few ones in reverse order. Sounds like you’ve been having a tough time lately – unless you’re like me and you just write waht comes out, no matter what you feel. Either way, it’s a sad poem, and I can definitely relate to it. I think my favourite line is: “so I could kill the constant urge to miss you”; boy, have I been there.

    • Broken Sparkles Says:

      Hi Cherlyn! Honestly I am perfectly ok. Thanks though! I was away this weekend and I just scheduled ahead before I left few old poems to be posted even if I’m away. This one was written 4 months ago, but yes I am a bit like you, I might be sad and still write about happiness and the opposite :)

  3. Caribbean Fool Says:

    Think I understand what you meant. Excellent poem, and very insightful.


  4. Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved Says:

    Breaking free. Hard and sad … but sublime! Well done, Blaga.

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