I love you life …

I love you life …

Forgive me life for I’ve abandoned you,
for I’ve left you behind and placed you
in the bottom drawer of my desk.

I walked on streets so dark and
I let the dirt on the way to happiness
to poison me, to kill me slowly.

I let the past to become my present
and forgot about the million juicy signs
about future with promises and glow.

I on purpose dipped in grief and pain,
because of the unfulfilled love I felt,
instead of staring at the stars, at beauty.

I’ve played “hide and seek” for so long,
trying to escape unavoidable roads,
when I could’ve freely fly to new adventures.

I myself chose to stay in a lonely place,
where very little joy has ever been and it will be,
instead of grabbing the first train to freedom

and finding how the best part of everything is
the smell of fresh coffee in the morning
and the color of a white rose that blossoms.

But today life, I woke up newly born.
I will now learn to walk, talk and grow
and this time I will practice to reach perfect.

I will experience everything for a first time.
I will love and dream with a whole new concept,
keeping only the moments when I smile.

I might fall, I might hurt, I might make mistakes,
but I will never set a foot in the land of misery
and self-torture that I just left.

But most of all I will remain grateful for any passion
my heart felt and will feel, because life I truly, crazy
love you and I am now going to live you.


Image by RedSheep Photography

© 2010  Broken Sparkles


17 Responses to “I love you life …”

  1. Cherlyn Says:

    What a really great poem! I love the beautiful imagery you used; and I think most people can relate to it. I definitely relate to it at least; sometimes people dig themselves into a miserable hole, and though they are unhappy, they continue digging further, and further downwards because that is all they know – or for some reason they are afraid to be happy, maybe because it is unknown. But what I really like about this is the hopeful feeling it envokes – giving the reader a sense that if you have hope, then you can find happiness. Really great!!

  2. deadpoet88 Says:

    So beautiful! We never really learn to appreciate life, and when we look back we realize we’ve lost so much. That line about how we let our past become our present really hit me, because it is so true. We keep thinking about things that happened once, and forget to take in what is happening now. But such realizations are never late, and it must be great to wake up and realize that life is waiting. I really hope that this realization stays with you always and brings you much happiness and smiles :)


    A come-back to life poem, a superb one at that. A beautiful lesson learnt and shared with us. One of your most loveliest and profound poems Blaga.

  4. Jessica Says:

    Beautifully put, Blaga. That sounds like a real conversion and not just something written for the sake of it. I hope you maintain your new love of life!


  5. saya Says:

    Amazingly written.. It just made me feel good after reading this.. I can relate myself to this.. Hope this poem of yours makes all of realize how beautiful life is and make us say I love you life :)

    All the very best for your new hope that has made you love life and live to the fullest :)

  6. seabell Says:

    Good for you! That’s the way to write and do it!

  7. honeyhaiku Says:

    This poem might just be my favorite of the potluck this week. It well written without a doubt, but I think I have walked this path myself. What beautiful promise to yourself and life…Thank you for sharing this poem. It should be an anthem or a mantra!

  8. liv2write2day Says:

    Every day we start anew and embrace life. The past is part of who we are. This is so wise.

  9. chimnese Says:

    This gave me a feeling that I should love life more and love myself more.
    Sometimes we get so lost in the busyness of this life.
    You’ve done an exellent job on this poem.

  10. dunstancarter Says:

    Ah, the smell of coffee in the morning – nice

  11. dragonkatet Says:

    Once again, you have outdone yourself, Blaga! There are some good images in this, “bottom drawer of my desk”, “million juicy signs”, “first train to freedom”, “the smell of fresh coffee in the morning”. There is also hard-earned wisdom here, too. This poem made me think of a soul which has escaped, only to realize what to do differently the next time, so instead of going on, it *chooses* to return to earth again. :) Gratitude is key to any/all of it. Such a great write!

  12. bendedspoon Says:

    fantastic! I know how it is to ‘woke up newly born’ — so exciting! :)

  13. Jingle Says:

    life loves you too..
    stunning sentiments, bless your day.


  14. Kavita Says:

    Stunning!! And a great reminder to all of us, I must say! So often, we forget to “respect” the life we have… and just let is slip by… I think it’s time we start giving it the love and care it deserves… and you said it really beautifully, and with some perfect “tender force”.. it was superb, summer gal!

  15. Blossom Dreams Says:

    A stunning write – how easy it is to forget that life is for living and that we should not get caught up worrying about the past! Such words of wisdom. Also, a great reminder that life is wonderful and we should feel grateful for it and its beauty all of the time! :D

    Chloe xx

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