In love with the rain


In love with the rain

The quiet rain that murmurs outside,
that calm rain I know is burning you inside,
because if the wind blows and
the muddy floods stop all of a sudden,
you know I will leave you to sleep.

My hair, sparkling wet and the scent of it,
I know you drain off with your eyes eager,
the dewdrop that trembles on my neck,
it’s all that you have in your dreams.

And if I ever reveal my love for rain
if I ever confess it’s because of you,
please don’t hate me,

I know you created the drops that fall right now,
I know you invented the rain for me.


"Lovers" by Silvio Schoisswohl


© 2010  Broken Sparkles

21 Responses to “In love with the rain”

  1. Judy Marie Santiago Says:

    I love the rain! And I love it more when I’m under the rain, but beside the one that I love. ♥ Lovely, isn’t it? But I heard there’s a typhoon coming at the Philippines, please help us in praying that it won’t be that strong… Thanks and all my prayers for you, Blaga. :) You’re my favorite poet after Shakespeare. :D

  2. Cherlyn Says:

    What a romantic piece! Rain can be so sensual and intimate, I absolutely adore it too! There’s nothing better than kissing in the rain. Again, I love the imagery you used in this piece, it really creates a perfect image, and reflects the mood you’re trying to go for so well. You have a beautiful way with words!

  3. Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved Says:

    I love rain; and, I just love this poem. I am so taken with the last line. Sigh! :-) Thank you, dear lady.

  4. Reflections Says:

    Stunning piece, love the connection within the rain itself, sharing with each other. Beautiful!

  5. David (1MereMortal) Says:

    I’ve felt the same regarding the sad/somber feelings rain produces within me…I like how you’ve found a sense of adoration for it. A great poem.

  6. Jingle Says:

    romantic and lovely.

    rain is a neat topic for all.


    Thanks for sharing.

  7. yelena m. Says:

    Yes, there is nothing like rain, spring rain in particular…..Simply beautiful, Blaga, always a joy to read you. :)


    Tender, passionate and romantic as ever! That last line is a bit of a genius! Lovely one Blaga.

  9. seabell Says:

    You are so right! Love and rain go well together. I am happy to know that rain is falling for you…

  10. mindlovemisery Says:

    Beautiful truly =)

  11. Jaan Pehchaan Says:

    Nature – beautiful! I love rain too! Here is mine:

  12. luna15 Says:

    yes, the rain is indeed magical

  13. chimnese Says:

    I love the rain, I’ve always find myself writing scenes in my stories with the characters argue in the rain then later just get to that point where they look deep into each other eyes and kiss. The most best times I’ve had in the rain is when it falls right on my face.
    This was truly a romantic piece.

  14. magher1 Says:

    So romantic! I love the rain too ;)

  15. liv2write2day Says:

    So beautiful. I think I may be a bit envious, Blaga.

  16. tasithoughts Says:

    ” I know you inverted the rain for me” beautiful.


  17. dragonkatet Says:

    I really enjoyed this, Blaga. Yay to us who love the rain! :-D

  18. Donna Swanson Says:

    Where would Spring go without the rain? Lovely. And it’ is READABLE! thank you for putting black words on a white page!

  19. stacylynnmar Says:

    This is a very passionate piece, I especially love how the picture accentuates the written word. So lovely.

    If you enjoy prompts and poetry writing you might also enjoy my blog, I do it for the love of the written word and to inspire fellow writers:

  20. bendedspoon Says:

    so romantic. ‘I know you invented the rain for me’ — love that confidence :)

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